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“Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow.”

Anthony Robbins

Indeed Mr Robbins!

This is why despite of all the traumas and shit stuffs that I have went through, I always believe that they were the reasons why I am resilient as I am today. In every each of those moments, be it good or bad, I could still find some ways to be grateful of them as I know they helped me to grow. As uncomfortable as it can be, I know if I look into the brighter side of things, it won’t upset me so much. Hence why if you follow me on my social media, you know I do Gratitude Challenges quite a bit and I post articles related to this subject. I can’t express enough how by expressing gratitudes have helped me during my toughest time.

Strive and Thrive Gratitude Challenge

We had such a great time with my Gratitude Challenges where we had to express 3 gratitudes on daily basis for 14 days. I love reading all the comments there. However due to my busy schedule, I always missed or delayed mine and couldn’t post daily. I think because I planned to post mine at the end of the day but few times, by the end of the evening I was already too knackered to even touch my phone!

Anyway from that Gratitude Challenge, I thought how about we integrate that with ‘Pic a Day’!

And so this is how My Gratitudes Pic a Day came on like a switch bulb!

Strive and Thrive - Reasons to be Grateful of

So here’s the plan peeps! The objectives is to snap a pic of something/someone or whatever that makes you feel grateful of for 14 days. Don’t overthink, just anything which makes you feel grateful of. Make sure you hashtag it on instagram or twitter #mygratitudes so that we all can follow and motivate each other! If you like, you can also post your snaps on my Facebook community page!

The above is my list but you may use it for inspirations. Seriously guys, even on the bad days if we dig deeper we should be able to find something that we can be grateful of! So let’s start looking into the good things instead of mopping around over the not so good ones LOL. At the end of this challenge, you will have a bunch of wonderful collections of things you are grateful of to remind you of how lucky you actually are!

Ok off you go now get busy snapping and have fun!

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