The hardest part of getting organised and Decluttering your home is knowing where to start. When you’re experiencing stress or anxiety it can be an overwhelming thought just to begin.

But the great news is I’ve discovered that there are 5 mistakes people make when decluttering that you can easily avoid, with a little planning and a realistic view of the job ahead.

Knowing what doesn’t work will save you an enormous amount of time, energy,expense and best of all you won’t feel defeated and hopeless anymore.

Clutter and disorganisation is one of the biggest distractors in people’s lives today.

Even Princeton Neuroscience Institute agrees. Their research suggests that when we are faced with too much clutter in our visual field our brain is unable to focus, our ability to process thoughts is significantly reduced by up to 40% and in uncluttered spaces we are less irritable, more productive, less distracted and able to process information better.

A lot of people attempt to de-clutter but when they don’t see results quickly they get disheartened thinking,” it’s just too hard”, “it never ends”, “I can’t do it all on myown” “there must be an easier way” and give up. Any of those sound familiar?

Let’s get you off on the right foot and take a good hard look at what mistakes you can avoid from now on.

Mistake #1

For most people the Decluttering process is expected to be a quick and easy process.

Think again! Think about how long it took to get to the level of clutter you now have…….. it will take considerable time to remove if it has been years. Give yourself the permission to take as long as it takes, avoid pressuring yourself with a deadline you just can’t meet. Giving yourself a deadline is good to help you keep on with the process but make it a realistic one.

Mistake #2

Dedicating a whole weekend to the task or taking a whole week out of your holidays or even just hours and hours in a row to concentrate on Decluttering. Our brain is very complex and will be easily distracted when bored. Decluttering for most is a laborious and tiring job. Researchers have found that 20min is about the maximum length of time our brain can cope with a job without getting bored. After this time, it tries to find more interesting things to do like, reminiscing about the stuff you are trying to de-clutter, reading details of things you are sorting and plain old finding a distraction to procrastinate instead of sorting and throwing.

Mistake #3

Not having a plan, a vision or goal of what it is you are trying to achieve before starting. This is one mistake that nearly all of us are guilty of. We want the quick fix and we feel more productive if we just start pulling everything out, making a huge mess. Perhaps the activity of moving stuff around gives us the illusion we are getting somewhere by actively doing something! When you know the clear vision or objective before you start the end result you want will be found much sooner.

Mistake #4

Not having a clear plan for where the items are going to, either within the home or how they will physically leave your possession. Having a list of local charities and what they will take will help you be able to part with items more easily, both mentally and physically. Many people make this mistake finding sorted items creeping back into the house quite mysteriously! I have an extensive list of what types of items are able to be recycled and donated. Including contact details and locations across Perth. Contact me to have a copy emailed to you.

Mistake #5

Not being realistic about the value of items you would like to sell. Plus being unrealistic about how much energy and time you have to sell the items yourself. This one mistake could cause clutter to hang around for a very long time, even when you have made the decision to part with it.

You probably had a few head nodding moments reading these 5 Decluttering mistakes. Knowing what the obstacles are for any challenge we face will equip us for more success. So I hope in some way this has equipped you for Decluttering success.

If you need more support to de-clutter and organise your home or business, I’d Love to hear from you to chat over some options.

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