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Our daily life is filled with extreme stress and a lot of work that we need to get done. All that stress makes us forget about the good things in our life. We forget about joy and think of it as a rare emotion. Where a lot of people think that joy comes from doing something special, it doesn’t. It’s around you, in the smallest things. You just need to look for it. Here are some things that you can do to fill your days with joy.


Music is something that brings joy to you when you’re sad, depressed or even angry. It can change your mood in just a minute. I personally turn to music when I need to get away from my problems and all of the stress in the world. Where listening to music is very enjoyable, singing makes it even more fun. Even though at times I sing with the wrong note, it still makes me happy. So, sing your heart out!


Dancing is just expressing your emotions in a physical way. Now, I can’t think of a lot of people that can express sadness through dancing. But happiness? Yeah that’s very common. Dancing makes you express the happiness you have in a way that words can’t express. Dancing just means to let go of the shackles that are holding you and just be yourself. Doesn’t matter if you are not a good dancer, just let yourself loose. The idea is to simply move your body and enjoy letting yourself loose to the music even though you are making awful moves. And what’s better? Having a partner that’s just as awful at dancing. It multiplies the fun to ten folds. This is so true as I do this myself. I enjoy dancing silly to upbeat songs and I encourage my partner to do the same that we ended up having a good laugh at each other! Laughing and dancing is like a ‘double dosage’ of happy medication!


Movies are something that a lot of people use to get away from their regular routine. There would have been many events in your life when you start watching a movie with a straight face and end up laughing your butt off. Watching a good comedy movie is something that nobody can resist or say no to. Sit down with your family and get a good comedic family movie for all of you to enjoy.

Do some Art

People usually get stressed when a lot of thoughts get bundled up in their heads. They don’t know what to do. Art helps people calm their mind. With art, you can paint your feelings and emotions. You can take out your emotions and draw them on the empty canvas. It helps a lot to ease the mind and bring you happiness.


Cooking is always fun. There always a lot of stuff that you love eating. And cooking dishes that you love can make you feel very good, eating them will be even better. You can have friends over and cook for them. Studies show that people get much more positively affected when they cook for others.

Hit the Gym

By hitting the gym you’ll stay healthy and get in a better shape. A better shape will give you much higher self-esteem. When someone is confident about themselves, they are happier and spend their days much more effectively.

What about you? What do you do to bring more joy to your life? Comment below if you have any other tips which we could share to inspire one another 🙂

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