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“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals.” – Jean Vanier

Thanks to my kind supporters and my partner, Shaun Nunn who had recently generously donated for me to fly to Michigan, USA to be part of Broken Vessels film which is a true story that aims to create awareness for traumatic brain injury. 

I had a wonderful trip just over a week in Brighton, Michigan where the filming of the interviews took place.

The executive producer, Jeff Vega took me to the brain injury rehab centres so I could see the wonderful work they are doing in helping brain injury survivors to learn skills so they could get back to the community again. My first 5 minutes there, I could already feel like as if I was coming back home and like as if they were my family. 

I spoke to some of the brain injury survivors and I had a special connection with a couple of them. It was a weird feeling as if I already knew them. I was told later on that some of them commented to the rehab manager that the words I said to them were exactly what they needed to hear and that meeting me was like a new hope for them. 

With my TBI fam from Cassell and Associates

On the filming days, the film crew made me feel so welcome and I had so much fun hanging out with the other brain injury survivors who, like me, are currently doing wonderful work for our community. We bonded instantly and I truly felt like they were my brother and sister as we can relate to each other so well.

Paula Diane

With my TBI sister, Paula Diane, from Standing Courageous

James Durham

On screen with James Durham from TBI One Love

This whole experience was more than I could have hoped for. I feel like I have known these people for a lifetime! The Vega family really looked after me very well, too well I would say! I didn’t wanna leave but I did miss home and my tribe. However, I had this deep feeling like this wasn’t the end as if there would be some sort of continuity.

Right before I arrived, Jeff and I discussed the possibility of me bringing Broken Vessels to Australia. And to my surprise, few days before I left Michigan, Jeff Vega told me that they decided to have their first launch of the film here in Perth, Australia! And I nearly jumped out of my seat, when he told me that they will be flying to the down under to be at our Positive Life Expo and Workshops and also to launch the film with me! OMG! I am extremely happy that my supporters will be able to watch this film which I already know will be so inspiring! 

BV poster

So my sweet friends, come and join us for a healing evening at the Broken Vessels Australian Movie Premier. Ticket includes a complimentary pre-movie drink at Palace Lounge, pre-entertainment by acoustic performer Ezereve, crystal bowl sound healing by Bridgit Gloria and movie. The first 50 ticket holders will receive a goody bag and a percentage of the profits will be given to an NFP (will announce soon).

Have you had a similar experience of giving back to your own community?  Let’s start this conversation or message me via our socials to get the discussion going!

Wanna know the key to build courage? It is RESILIENCE!

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