Over the past 50 years, 80,000 types of chemicals have been made on the planet, which is present in food, water, and air, and even 300 harmful substances can be found in the body of a “healthy” modern man. Civilization has progressed so much that we are left without healthy water, food, and air – we have everything else. Whether a man will survive his “wit,” remains to be seen. Nobody knows it any more than the food industry, whose profit was in the first place.

So what should we do, how do we protect ourselves from the dangerous substances in food? We can turn to a plant-based diet and naturopathy.

What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine is an actual science that is based on traditional treatment, promotes healthy life by identifying the unique aspect of each patient with the help of natural non-toxic therapies.

Naturopaths define this type of treatment as the primary health care system, such as art, philosophy, prevention, and treatment. Naturopathic medicine differs according to the principles of treatment that are constantly being examined and kept up-to-date with new scientific achievements. Naturopathic medicine includes modern, traditional, scientific and empirical methods.

The main principles of naturopathy

Naturopathic medicine follows a number of principles that are of great importance, such as:

The healing power of nature

It is, in fact, an opinion that each body has its own ability to sustain itself and regain good health. Naturopathic doctors facilitate this process by removing obstacles that prevent treatment and finding appropriate treatments to accelerate the treatment and maintain good health.

Identification and treatment of causes

Naturopaths are based on the search and cure of the main cause and not just the symptoms of the disease because the symptoms are only an external manifestation of internal imbalance caused by many physical, mental or emotional problems. Symptoms are important, but what’s more important is what causes them.

A doctor as a teacher

The Latin root of the word doctor is docere, which in fact means “learn”, and the primary role of naturopathic doctors is to educate, motivate and empower patients to develop more personal responsibility when it comes to their health by adopting healthy habits.

Treatment of the whole person

Naturopathy practitioners seek in their patients’ specific weaknesses and dysfunctions, and treatment is based on a patient’s individuality. There is no unique treatment for everyone, they adapt to the specific symptoms and condition of the patient. One of the famous naturopathic sayings is that it’s more important to discover what kind of a patient has a disease than what disease is in question.

Prevention is the key

It is much easier to prevent the disease than to treat it, and this is what naturopathy promotes. There are tips for healthy lifestyle habits and supplements that will help you keep your health.

You can begin your journey today with Suzanna Wallace, a registered naturopath and herbalist by visiting her website https://www.greennaturopath.com.au/ to discover how you can stay healthy and protect yourself from damaging influences of toxic food and we can say also from “toxic” life. Suzanna is passionate about sustaining health and restoring health in the body and believe that good health comes about as a result of the fuel we feed the body through the mind, body and spirit. Her specific skill and extensive experience in sustaining health implementing her detox and regeneration programs. She also works with hormonal imbalances, women’s health, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, skin issues, weight loss, stress and anxiety. Being a herbalist, she works closely with plants, going deep into plant science medicine and the role herbs and plants have on healing the body.

On her website, you can find a range of her Suzanna’s Natural Life natural products like boost powders, custom tonics, flower essences, herbal teas and herbal tonics which you can add into your everyday routine to boost and restore your health. I personally have sampled few of her beautiful teas and boost powders which are so easy to drink. You can also find many free healthy and yummy recipes and informative blogs on her website. My favourites are the broccoli, sweet potato and leek soup, detox smoothie and natural almond, lemon Valentine biscuits.

How naturopathy promotes health and a better life?

Naturopathy often successfully treats chronic diseases that usually do not respond to conventional treatments. Particular emphasis is placed on fatigue, pain, sleep disorder and digestive problems. Treatment of these conditions is mainly a combination of supplements, herbal remedies and a special diet designed according to the needs of the patient.

Effective treatment with naturopath consists not only of natural remedies but also of good communication between a practitioner and a patient who will come to the right remedy by common forces, by talking and listening.

An examination with naturopath usually lasts an hour; during the examination, the naturopath will examine the patient’s condition, medical history, diet, lifestyle and conventional undergoing treatments. The naturopath will then examine the patient’s tongue and nails to have a better insight into the patient’s condition, and may also require individual hair, blood, and stool tests. After collecting all the necessary information, he or she will determine the chances that the body can cure itself, and the cure plan may include a change in diet, lifestyle, exercise, herbal remedies, homoeopathic treatments and other suitable medications.

The main postulates of naturopathy are that man is a being of nature and that health is acquired by living in harmony with nature. Harmony comes in if we properly feed, we drink plenty of fluids, rest, and we expose ourselves to the sun and occasionally cleanse the body with detox treatments and postures.

We can all agree that nature is the best doctor for us since we all come from nature. So let’s start healing our body with natural medicine!

What about you? Have you tried any natural remedies?

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