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Business Mentoring

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Maimonides

Inspire and Empower

“The key to being a good mentor is to help people become more of who they already are — not to make them more like you.” Financial advisor Suze Orma

“The key to being a good mentor is to help people become more of who they already are — not to make them more like you.” Financial advisor Suze Orman

Norita Omar transformed her life from the riddles of a brain injury where she could not even string sentences together to now owning ‘Strive and Thrive’, a well-recognised brand which focuses on positive living and mental health. As a business mentor, her motto is to empower her mentees so much that they come to a point where they don’t need her anymore. “I want them to learn all the tools they can and then go out and live their best and empower others she says.

Norita is known for moving away from traditional marketing and focuses instead on inspirational and heart-based marketing. This is how she grew her brand to be so well known in less than one short year. She was featured in various media and has already won 2 business awards.

Her 15 years of experience in international tourism and VIP hospitality industry saw her working with global brands like of Disney, Hilton, Christchurch Casino and Crown Resorts. She draws from all these experiences in her mentoring.

When you join her mentoring program, you don’t just get a mentor, you also get a community of supporters. She has built a community of well-wishers and mentees who get together to learn, share insights, discuss challenges, and brainstorm ideas. Her idea is for her mentees to receive a constant flow of help, support and morale boost (let’s face it, we all need that from time to time) from her and the community, so you never feel alone.

Funnily, Norita’s business mentoring program was not even her idea. After growing her brand successfully in less than a year, she had so many people asking for business help that it became a natural progression in her business. So, she also teaches that in her mentoring – that is, how to grow organically.

The best part about her mentoring program is that she injects fun in her sessions. Albeit business is serious, she has the knack for taking the stress out of the work and giving you the confidence and tools to feel so empowered that you enjoy what you are doing (even those things you don’t usually enjoy!). She helps to streamline tasks and systems to small business owners who are burdened by wearing so many different hats, giving them clarity, focus and simplified directions for growth.

INSPIRING, DRIVEN, REAL, RAW, QUIRKY, FUN, VIVACIOUS are just some words that people use to describe her. She does have a few criterions that she looks for in her mentees. So,  if you are,

– In a business that makes a positive difference to the world

– Are an entrepreneur who empowers others with their products or services

– Want to run a profitable business with a heart-based approach

– Open to change with a keen willingness to learn

– Someone who wants to present yourself authentically in the world

– Ready NOW to take action

Then her program is for you.

To see if you and Norita will be a good fit, please fill out the form below this page for a FREE 45mins Consult.

Group mentoring (with topics like)

  • How to Build Confidence in Business
  • Strategic Goal Planning
  • Marketing from the Heart
  • Authentic Personal Branding
  • Brand Alignment
  • Psychology Behind Web Design
  • Creating buzz with social media
  • Selecting the right social media platform(s) for your business
  • How to create buzz for your event using social media
  • Event integrative marketing
  • Love what you do, do what you love (in business)
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • How to Grow Raving Fan Organically
  • Applying the 8 Services Marketing Mix
  • Packaging your offers uniquely for client buy in and retention

3 Months Ongoing - One on One

One on one sessions where you and Norita work on areas of your business which you want to improve. This is all about high impact and productivity boost so that your goals are met sooner. This is why only 3 months is allocated because the idea is to equip you with the confidence, strategies and tools (ie. templates, marketing plan) for you to take your business by the reins. If you want to focus on other business objectives after, there is scope to further the mentoring if needed.

3 months Group Mentoring

If you are somewhat already clear on your goals and already have a business in operation which you want to boost, this is for you. In these sessions, Norita will cover various business topics with an intimate group. Business owners with similar objectives will be in the group so that ideas and challenges are exchanged. Even great collaborations are sometimes established at these sessions.

Currently not available but you’re welcome to express your interest for next intake.

6 months Group Mentoring

If you are new in business or thinking about setting up a business; or perhaps you have had a business for a while but not clear on your way forward, then this is for you. This option will allow you to get really clear on your goals, vision, mission, branding and processes. Various business topics will be covered with an intimate group. Powerful brainstorming sessions with the group are also held.

Currently not available but you’re welcome to express your interest for next intake.

“The key to being a good mentor is to help people become more of who they already are — not to make them more like you.” Financial advisor Suze Orman

Let them do the talking

Norita is the real deal. She is a person that works with heart and integrity and I am so grateful to have Norita in my life.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on business coaches and was feeling disillusioned as my business didn’t seem to be going to the next level. Through serendipity, Norita came into my life at the right time. Norita has a wealth of experience and with patience, kindness and compassion she showed me the steps to take my business to the next level. She didn’t use a ‘one size fit all formula’, Norita was able to hone into what I really needed as a person and business owner and get rid of the superfluous actions. Instead of feeling overwhelmed I felt inspired and motivated to take action, and felt my creativity flow with fresh new ideas.

Sonia Barrett

Business Owner, Creative Symmetry

Why we love to work with Norita = What you see is what you get!! 

She took time over her weekend, welcomed my business partner and I into her home, and helped us tackle our project. She gave us some great ideas, and used her numerous years in the Event Planning world to offer different and original insights into it! We walked in a little nervous and unsure about our ideas, but walked out with less stress, WAY more confidence and a clear plan of what to do next.

Thank you Norita for being so helpful!

You have so much knowledge and genuine love to give and working with you has been a privilege.

Simone Gonsalves & Shama Shah

Business Representatives, Juice Plus

Norita has not only helped me realise what I’m capable of but what it’s also possible. She’s helped me break down my self-imposed limitations and thrive into a new life where I’m finally starting to achieve the goals that I thought were improbable for someone like me. Without her guidance and mentorship, I honestly think I would have given up striving for what I wanted, I would have given up on my dream of helping others for a living. She’s helped me believe in myself as well as take action for which I can’t thank and recommend her enough.

Lachlan Samuel

Podcaster, Open Up Podcast

Norita covers a wide range of topics in her business mentoring. She is very motivated to see her mentees succeed and has a sincere interest to see them do really well. She makes herself very available to them and is honest with her feedback. She breaks down tasks into palatable chunks for her mentees to move forward without feeling overwhelmed. She is happy to teach her mentees everything she knows and even helping them out with contacts and collaborations if there is an opportunity. She also provides tools and templates for them which are so easy and practical to use. She works with you to get your objectives defined clearly, know your target audience, work on your branding (and much more!) so that all these are in sync for you to portray an integrated marketing message in your social media and other traditional marketing activities.

Usha Raman

EQ Trainer, Usha Raman

What can I say but Wow. I have had the pleasure of knowing Nori for over a year and I have found her to be one of the most honest giving caring soul I know. Nori has such a big heart. Nori is raw and real. Nori had gone above and beyond helping me with my website with much love from her team also. I love my new website which will be launch soon. I am grateful for all that you have done and for inviting me to be a part of the Positive Life Expo. Nori you are a shining light. Thank you.

Lina Scott

Bodytalk and Reiki Practitioner, Bodytalk Connects

I was lucky enough to join Norita’s group mentoring workshops recently, and the information and presentations have been mind blowing.  Subconsciously we know a lot of the stuff we should be doing in our businesses, but it’s not until we’re told in a methodical, practical, fun way, that it really sinks in about what we need to do.  It’s also great to have lots of examples of how things have worked for her or others that she’s working with; it’s not just repeating information from a text book.  Norita is not scared of sharing the stuff that has helped her be successful.

 Although there’s loads of information, it’s segmented in a way to make it easy to review and work through at home.  I think the big difference with Norita compared to others is that it all comes from the heart.  You can really tell that although she is running a business, she also cares about the people she is working with, and is as keen for them to succeed in the same way she has.  I would highly recommend booking into any of Norita’s workshops, you won’t be sorry.

 The main thing for me now is to use this information and make the necessary changes I can see will help me be successful too.  Thanks again Norita!

Anne Hetherington

Business Owner, Fait Accompli Services

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