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Don’t miss out on my Christmas giveaways my sweet friends!

I started Strive and Thrive in January 2016 after losing my friend to suicide. At that time, I didn’t know where I was going with it but I know one thing was to share my story and hope to bring light to those who may need it. I shared my personal story on how I battled depression, anxiety and how I pulled myself out of every struggle since my brain injury, the earthquakes, my move to Australia with few pieces of clothing and so on. Since the first year, I have received lots of blessings but this year has been a magical one for me. From speaking in a women’s empowerment event in India with over 2000+ other inspirational women who are making a difference, being awarded Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All; to travelling to Michigan, USA to be interviewed in Broken Vessels film. Plus we did two big events this year, Positive Life Expo and we launched Broken Vessels Australian Premier here with the film producer Jeff Vega. There are few other blessings but let me save them for my yearly review.

So in the spirit of Christmas, I would like to express my gratitude to all my social media followers and my subscribers who have been supporting my journey. Thank you for being my motivator for me to keep doing what I do. And thank you for being my ‘WHY’…you are the reason I do what I do…so Thank you!

Below are the lovely pressies which I will be giving away to 12 lucky winners!

Here’s how to WIN:

There are TWO giveaways happening at our Facebook and Instagram.

Just click the respective links and follow the instructions to win!

This Giveaway has ENDED and below are the winners! Congratulations to my lovely subscribers and I thank the rest who have entered.

Simone Kohli
Linda Blackshaw
Renee Mackenzie
Ty Lloyd
Chelsea Reid
Leanne Whitehouse


We were only able to pick these winners as the rest of the entries were disqualified as they do not fulfil the full requirements of this competition. However, in the spirit of Christmas, all entries will receive a digital product as a token of gratitude to them for their participation.

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