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Energy and human consciousness

Scientific research finally recognizes what shamans and ancient civilizations around the world have known for a long time and that is that the energy is at the core of all existence and that all energy comes from the same Source. Experiments in the field of subatomic physics show that various forms of energy react to human consciousness. From the fact who observes the behavior of the smallest particles and their subatomic flow, depends on how they will behave and what will come of them. This is the evidence that our observation, or human consciousness, has a direct impact on their behavior.

This is supported by a well-known experiment carried out by Dr. Emoto, who illustrated through a series of photographs how our thoughts and emotions influence the energy of water and change its physical structure. Thoughts, feelings and other, more cognitive functions are associated with quantum information that simultaneously pulsates through our brain and body. Human perception is the result of the interaction between subatomic particles of our brain and the quantum energy. Literally, this means that we are in resonance with the world that surrounds us.

Openness and clairsentience

Quantum physicists have proved that a man at his most elemental level is an energy charge. Every living thing is actually a set of energies in the endless field of energy that is related to all other things in the world. The pulsating energy field is the essential driver of our being and our consciousness. In recent years, scientists have argued that there is a life force that permeates the whole universe, which some call collective consciousness, Source, Love, and religious people would say that it is God. The idea is that everything is derived from this energy and that it represents the fastest and at the same time the most subtle vibration that exists.

We, ordinary people, cannot feel this energy of unseen potential and strength completely, because our molecular and spiritual system is not “designed” to withstand the power of so much force. The frequency of the vibrations of the material world is low, and therefore our physical body receives only the amount of life energy that we are able to bear.

Nevertheless, it is interesting that we can strengthen our capacities and open ourselves to a greater flow of life energy. In this sense, it is necessary that we work on ourselves and bring in harmony our mind and body in order to open our energy channels for the reception and flow of this extremely healing and restorative force. There are a number of techniques that can help us in this way, such as reiki, prana healing, theta healing, yoga, Reconnection, work with crystals and many others.

Some see more than others

All people have the ability to sense the energy that belongs to the physical domain, but very few are aware of spiritual, subtle energies. However, the very fact that we do not see and feel no ultraviolet rays does not mean that they do not exist. The same goes for subtle energy. Unfortunately, there is no apparatus that could detect the Life Force that makes the cells alive, but experiments have found that the body is 21 grams easier when the soul leaves the body.

A person who has been using intuition and made it possible to rely on it, and who uses intuition to make everyday decisions, and even intuitively advises others, has developed a much stronger presentiment. Such a stronger intuition becomes more accurate and precise and, in the end, it becomes the great and valuable gift we call clairvoyance or clairsentience.

Such a strong intuition, individuals can use to help others with their advice using a gift for the common good. Thus, for example, a psychic person can develop the ability to read the aura of other people. By reading energy, he or she can use a third-eye to scan someone’s energy field and see the state of that person. If he/she notices any problems or energy blockages, they may advise that person to visit a doctor.

A person who is clairsentient can also easily communicate with spiritual beings from higher-frequency spheres such as angels or ascetic masters. In this way, they can transfer their messages to other people or help them to achieve such a contact by themselves. A prominent person can also use various media such as Tarot and reiki, and through them will transfer messages to others, give advice, or answer their questions.

Last year at our Positive Life Expo and Workshops, we had a speaker and exhibitor who is a clairsentient. Linda Blackshaw discovered her journey into her clairsentience since her move to Western Australia from Scotland in 1982. A self-taught tarot reader who uses the cards as a tool to connect to her Guide. Information that comes from the right is from her guide and information that comes from the left is from the client’s guide or loved ones. In the late 1990s early 2000s Linda was attuned to Reiki and in 2012 became a Reiki Master Teacher. This further training increased Linda’s abilities and saw her writing channelled messages.  Heartfelt in 2013 is a collection of those messages and in 2014 her book Channelled Meditations was published. Channelled Meditations is a collection of meditations for you to improve your health and also assist in healing the planet. From healing you create a sacred space for you to connect with your guides, to improve self by connecting to animals to draw on their energy to assist this e.g. feeling stressed then connect with giraffe and imagine you are walking with them. You are also encouraged to create your own meditations. For your life to change, that change must begin with the self and meditation is a good place to start. Through these messages Linda realised that we should be living as a Light Being or Soul in a physical body not as a physical body searching for a Soul. Our souls are within us, set them free.

Be the architect of your own life and create it.

How we think is what we get so think love, think joy and live life to the max.

If you like to get hold of her book, Channelled Meditations or her services, then contact Linda Blackshaw via her Facebook page.

What about you? Do you know any clairsentient? Or perhaps you think that you might have clairsentience abilities?

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