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These last many months I have been working hard on a few projects which I am very passionate about as I know they will make a positive difference in this world. As much as it is very exciting but every step of these projects are very nerve breaking for me as they are all new to me. When you are trying to create something new, you tend to question yourself every each step. Doubts and fears lingering in my head on a daily basis. So far I have managed to overcome those negative thoughts by focusing deeply into ‘my why’, the reason why am I creating these in the first place. Coming from a space of the heart, it really calms me down as it helps me to only see the beautiful things in store once these projects have been completed. However this last few months, I have been facing setbacks after setbacks with the process of launching them to the world. The process has created some stress and at times the word ‘failure’ did cross my mind. But somehow I found my way back in, gathering all strength and courage to beat all fears and keep going because in my mind; ‘Failure Is Not An Option’!

Here’s the thing, the pressure of getting it right and being successful in everything we do has pushed some or shall I say most people from creating and achieving their dreams and goals. Most people find it hard to achieve goals; the process always seems so draining and the motivation to keep going especially during the hard times is almost non-existence to some. And many didn’t even make it far especially when all they could fill their minds is “if I’m doing the right thing” or “what if I fail”. In the end, they give up because failing to start or continue is an easier option. What if I tell you that you have been looking at the pressure to succeed in the wrong way? Now that I have your attention let’s give it a different perspective and rethink why ‘failure is not an option’!

You can either cry at a failure or learn from it. Most of us spend too much time crying over the failure. Next time you fail, do not take it as an option, take it as an opportunity. An opportunity to check for the reasons, analyze the situation, weight your options and hence make a better decision on the next attempt.

Failure does not mean you have lost. It only says you still have some steps to take. Success is bound to happen. Failure is not an option; it is a reality that happens and can happen again. Make peace with it and treat it as a lesson.

A person fails only when he tries new things. If you have not failed in a while, it means you haven’t taken a risk in a long time. Failure is not an option if you are not leaving your comfort zone; which also means you are stagnant and not growing to your potential.

Some things sound crazy and accepting failure is one of them. Failure is not an option, but, sometimes you have to let it settle inside you. This is important because you can’t let failure stop you from moving ahead in your life. Failure can teach you the importance of money, people, family, friends, and so many other things. Failure can make you a wiser person.

Failure is a delay, but if you are not active, it can turn into a defeat. Do not let failure be an option forever. If you fail, accept it, learn from it but always get up and start moving. You have to move because only then will you be able to achieve your dreams. Making peace with failure is merely a STEP towards a happier life. But a more joyful life can only be achieved when you succeed.

So now tell me what is that one dream which you can’t stop thinking of? That one dream which you know will change your life. What are you waiting for? Are you gonna start creating it or are you gonna let your fears take over your dream?

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You don’t need motivation; You need RESILIENCE!

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