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“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Mother Teresa

I’m a big believer that there is goodness in all of us and most of us deep down wish or want to make a positive difference in this world. However at times, we simply get caught up with our own busy lifestyle and challenges that there is simply no motivation to create anything to make a big impact. Here’s where we went wrong; we don’t need to create anything big to make a big impact. We just need to care enough to do something. Once we act on these inspirations, we will attract others to join us. And if we are really inspired to do big things, then we need to realise that one person alone cannot do this. We will need to ask for help. But it may not be easy to ask for help; perhaps we are too shy and feeling unworthy to receive assistance. This is when we need to come back to WHY we want to even do this in the first place. Bring your focus to the love and your pure intentions of WHY you want to do this. If your heart and focus is in the right place, it will give you the strength to ask for help. That will be when the magic happens; when your strength and voice starts pulling your tribe in. As Mother Teresa said, a person cannot do it all alone. You don’t need to create a big difference immediately. You only need to start and let people help you; especially when they want to do so. That is when you AND other people can create a positive difference in your community or even in the world.

In late 2015, I lost my friend to suicide and that was how I decided that I needed to do something to create awareness of suicide prevention and the challenges of those who are affected by depression and anxiety. That was when I put together our first inspirational event and I had to share my personal story in my rallies to promote the event. In my rallies, I attracted a group of like-minded people who came together and promote the event together with me. I wasn’t sure if I could sell 50 tickets as that was the number I needed to break even the expenses of putting that event together. To my surprise, we had over 135 people in for that event and I must say it was only possible because of the new tribe I found through my rallies. I remembered how nervous I was sharing about my brain injury, depression, anxiety and suicidal story for the first time at an event of that size.

But what came out of that was something beyond beautiful. Something which I was ashamed of and had kept secret for 10 years turned out to be a beautiful gift which gave others hope to never give up. That was the start of me opening up my heart to share my story more to others. Since that first event, I’m continuously creating inspirational live events and also spreading my message online across my social media platforms. Though my key message is all about the importance of building resilience as I truly believe resilience is the key to my come back story, I have always wanted to do something which can help brain injury community directly. In the past I tried to reach out to brain injury organisations but seems like my offers going nowhere, even when I offered to do free workshops and other stuff.

But at the end of 2018, something happened that blew my mind! I received an invitation to be a part of a US feature film called Broken Vessels. It is a true story of a young woman who struggled with brain injury after an accident. The objectives of the film production is to create awareness on the struggles of those who are affected by brain injury and mental illness. Depression and anxiety are the few common mental health challenges which those with brain injury suffers. I watched their promo reel and tears just rolled down my cheeks. I knew this is it! This is the project I need to be a part of to spread some light to those suffering from brain injury and also for their carers, friends, and family.

But the filming is so far away on the other side of the planet! So the film production company set up an online fundraising site to help cover my travelling expenses. It’s very easy to help others and do things for others but I’ve never asked for any financial help before. I remembered how anxious I was before posting the call out video on my social media. And once I pushed that ‘share now’ button, I just cried and cried! Why? Because I just worked through another fear of mine, fear of asking financial help! Who else can relate to that? My partner said to me, “You didn’t had to go through that, we could have covered the travelling expenses ourselves.” I know that but I like to feel that I’m not doing this by myself. It will be huge for me to travel all the way there by myself and having to work through my nerves on how my brain will be through the long flights and travelling journey.

So guess what? Like they said on the Survivor Series, “The Tribe Has Spoken!” My tribe’s donations came in amounts which I could not ever imagined for! And I was more touched that some of the donations came from people who I have never even met before! One actually used up her holiday savings for my trip! There are just no words to express my gratitude and all I can hope for or shall I say I know that The Universe will treat these beautiful souls well.

So those were my main two experiments which had proven how the power of a tribe can help to make a difference! And like Mother Teresa quotes, I just have to cast a stone across the water to create the ripples.

I just have to cast a stone across the water to create the ripples.

It is now confirmed that I will be flying to Michigan, USA for the Broken Vessels filming on the 15th June. I truly can’t wait to meet the driving forces behind this project, Jeff Vega and his son David Vega from Vega Entertainment. I’m also enthusiastic about meeting some of the brain injury survivors who will be part of this film.

I would like to thank all the beautiful souls who are supporting to make this trip possible for me. There are no words to express how grateful I am and knowing that I am not alone in my effort to make a positive difference for our brain injury community. I will be doing live streamings during my trip so you can come with me in spirit because I know I will feel your spirits with me during my journey there. 


Supporters’ Donations

Trav and Carmen Stanley AUD$500

Maree and Russell Masters AUD$100

Sheryl Tang USD$500

Nicole Thomas USD$25

Jolene Chin USD$50

AnAAnA USD$300

Kyle Nunn USD$100

Gillian Small USD$50

Usha USD$100

Bridgit Cray $AUD200

TOTAL as per 02/06/2019: AUD$2423

For those who would like to join us in supporting my trip, please contact Norita at OR you can transfer funds directly to: 

Account Name: Norita Omar 

Bankwest 302162 – 1457343 

Donate via PayPal

And when you do, please notify Norita so we can update your donations onto this blog. If you wish to remain anonymous, please also notify us as well 🙂 Thank you!

Broken Vessels


Do you find yourself feeling unworthy of receiving help from others? Let’s start this conversation or message me via our socials to get the discussion going!

Wanna know the key on how I build courage? It is RESILIENCE!

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