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In today’s world, we are exposed to situations that test our strength and fortitude. It is important that we become resilient in facing the trials of day to day living. Positivity, perseverance and determination are the main ingredients to withstand the challenges we face; to emerge as a winner, we must fight the good fight.

Those who knows my personal stories especially my numerous traumatic events, often asked me how did I do it. How can I still be a bubbly positive person despite everything that I have gone through. The truth is I seem very bubbly and positive not because my life is perfect but because through my adversities, I have lernt numerous strategies and tools which have been part of my daily practice in life.

Below are the ten qualities which I have been practicing to live a positive life.


To live a happy life, one must come to terms with one’s self-identity. A lot of men and women are making the mistake of measuring themselves with the standards set by other people. As an individual, you have to realize that you are unique and that no two persons are alike. Self-acceptance means you are comfortable in your own skin and that you recognize your strengths and downplay your weaknesses. The first step in living a positive life is to reconcile with who you are and celebrate every successful undertaking in your work and your relationships.

2. Contentment

Do not live beyond your means; the insatiable wants promoted by our materialistic and consumer driven society have transformed people into mere tools of commerce. Persons purchase the latest gadgets, cars or buy the nicest homes but many of them are still unhappy. Wanting more and more material possessions will not buy you happiness.

This does not mean that you cannot have an ambition or any aspirations; it only means that you have a healthy attitude about yourself. Being content with what you have and not desiring the unnecessary, frivolous things which other people distract and preoccupy themselves with, prepares you to achieve greater things in life. Such is the mindset that you need to achieve a positive life.

3.Being positive in the face of adversity.

One of the greatest virtues of an individual is resilience or what some people call “grit”. No matter how great the obstacles, how hard the struggle or how long the suffering one has to endure, you must always move forward. You have to adapt yourself to every condition, no matter how bad the situation becomes.

As they say “Every dark cloud has a silver lining”; constantly practicing and exercising your mind to be positive will make you see eventually that the cup is indeed half full and not half-empty. Continuously living a contented and positive life will sooner or later unlock the door to peace of mind and spiritual tranquility. 

4. Stop being controlling.

Excessive or over-managing of a situation can become stressing. Acknowledge the fact that you cannot always get what you want; even under the most favorable conditions, things could go wrong. Controlling and restricting your mind and your actions is one thing but to control others will only frustrate you and in due course, disappoint you.

Instead of control, you need to lead others into the outcomes that you want. You need to set the example for them to follow you. Finally, you need to admit that there are some things in life that are beyond your reach and control and you need to be humble enough to concede. 

5. Remove resentment.

Being resentful towards others will only cause you mental pain and anguish. The destructive emotion of anger (especially when it is all consuming) is harmful for both your physical and psychological well-being.

Ignoring and forgiving those who have hurt you will in time, liberate you from the shackles and bonds of rage. When a person is subjected to these hateful feelings, his or her health is most at risk, in particular those who are prone to cardio-vascular disease or stroke.

Patiently letting go of anger and hatred will not occur overnight of course. We must always be striving towards keeping our tempers in check so that in the end, we can be assured of a restful state of mind, which is the solution to inner happiness and joy.

6. Focus your life in the present.

A lack of anxiety and worry is one of the fundamental factors which contribute to a happy and long life. A study of old Japanese fisher folk for example reveals that living in simplicity and surrounded by nature and pets, contribute to a positive life. When you do not expect too much but simply enjoy the small pleasures, life has to offer, you are not burdened by constant striving and wanting. 

Instead of being a slave to routine and the daily grind, stop for a moment to smell the flowers, admire the scenery or listen to someone’s voice. Watching a movie or just sipping a cup of coffee will remind you of the beauty that life has to offer and will enlighten you.

7. Don’t overanalyze the situation.

Stop dwelling too much over circumstances and conditions. One’s mental energy must be conserved so it could be used in more productive pursuits; through constant overanalyzing, a person’s focus and concentration are wasted. Instead of needless introspection, we need to trust in our insight and imagination; these two are the tools we need to inspire us and point us to the right direction.

8. Avoid anxiety.

Being anxious about the future is one of the dilemmas besetting mankind; the root of this problem is most obviously the emotion of fear. Fear, along with jealousy and anger is a damaging human emotion. An alternative to fear is to persistently observe positivity in all areas of your being, in order to attain a positive life. To stop worrying, one must provide a solution to the cause of the anxiety.

9. Let go of your ego.

Your ego is your false sense of self; it is the mask that you wear in front of other people to protect your fragile, inner core. The ego is the collected perceptions from yourself and from other people about who you are; it is just a distorted image or picture of one’s self-identity. One must possess true self-awareness to transcend the boundaries of his or her ego.

To know your true self and your purpose in life, you must reach deep within the recesses of your mind. You must ask yourself the question: what are you passionate about? What motivates you? These are questions that will, at the end of the day, lead you towards your true destiny. 

10. Be open-minded.

A person must be always open to new ideas and concepts; as individuals, we need to grow and develop or we stagnate and fade into obscurity. True education does not end in the classroom for we are constantly learning from our experiences and work. For real growth, our minds must always be welcoming to fresh approaches or methods of doing things. Being close minded will only stunt our will to live and place self-imposed limitations on what we are able to do.

So there you have it; to live a positive life, we must fight a never-ending battle. We must put on the armor of spiritual strength; to gain inner peace of mind, we must find our balance. Always being positive and not dwelling on negative thoughts and emotions will go a long way in accomplishing this. Yes, we might feel down and out sometimes, it is only natural because we are only human but we must not get stuck in darkness but always attempt to be in the light of positivity. 

Have you got any tips on practicing a positive life? Let’s start this conversation via our socials!

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