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Oh Wow! Can you believe we are right into 2017! Based on the study of numerology, 2017 would be an amazing year as it is the year of new beginnings. It is being said that 2016 was a tough year as it represents the number 9 which means the ending era. Hence why a lot of people had it tough last year. However in saying that I do believe that you have the power within yourself to make it a great year or not. Even 2017 is believed will be an amazing year, but it won’t be if we simply do nothing! So if you like to make 2017 your biggest year ever, then you need to start planning your goals right now!

Goal Setting

A surefire way to start on doing this is to reflect on your previous year. Some people have started doing this even before New Year. Some people have completed their vision board even before Christmas! Well, not me! I believe it is really important to be present during the holiday season as it can be quite a stressful period. If you were like me, I worked really hard the whole year with almost a non-existence social life. Close to the holiday season, I was busy wrapping things up with work stuff before everyone went on break and planning Christmas events from meals to prepare and presents to get or to make. So after all that, I just want to chill out during my break and simply do nothing! If possible I prefer not to use my brain at all hahaha! I just want to fully enjoy myself and relax. Hence why we are past mid January, and only now I start to work on my goal planning.

So when you reflect on the previous year, ask yourself the below questions using the What, How, Who, Which and When.

Try to find at least 3 scenarios but if you only have one that is okay too

  1. What was the best thing that happened?
  2. How it/they happened?
  3. Who were part of that success or Who helped you to achieve that success?
  4. Which part of the success, you find inspiring/motivating?
  5. When did it happen?

Then use the same questions but on the opposite scenario like ‘what was the worst thing that happened’. These could bring out some negative memories but I strongly feel that even in negative experiences, we still can learn something out of them. And by learning these lessons, we need to ensure that we do things differently next time.

Now after the above self-reflection on the good and bad of 2016, then only you start asking yourself what you like to see in 2017. Again I am using the term ‘YOU’ so only YOU need to ask yourself what you truly like to see happen in YOUR LIFE this year. To do this, you must not compare what other people are doing to what you want to do. Each of us is walking on different paths of our lives and we all have different background, resources, skills, talents and goals. So it is important for you to be focusing only on YOUR GOALS.

Once you have the answers to the above, then you start using the What, How, Who, Which and When questions again and apply them to your new goals. These answers will help you to not just plan but to also create this goal to success.

And even better is to create a vision board so that you have something to remind you daily of what your goals are. I did one last year when I attended The Power of Women’s workshop and placed it in my office where I can look at it every day!

Norita Omar 2016 vision board

Norita Omar 2016 vision board

Believe me, I even took it to my bath, manifesting for the goals to happen. And guess what, I gave my biggest goal 12 months and I actually achieved it less than 5-6 months, Whohooo!

vision board dg

Norita Omar 2016 Digital vision board

But this year I won’t be doing a hard copy one because I prefer a digital copy. I did a digital copy last year too and use it for my laptop wallpaper and also my phone which I truly loved it! So I thought this year, to save time and mess to tidy up then I would just create a digital copy which I can use it digitally and if I need a hard copy then I can just print it out!

So if you would like to learn how to create a digital vision board, then join me in my FREE Live Webinar by registering HERE. In this free webinar, I would walk you through step by step while I create my own digital vision board and you will get to see and be in the know of what my exciting goals and plans are for this year! And by simply registering via that link, you will also receive my Goal Setting Worksheet for FREE!

Or you can join my tribe by entering your details below, as we inspire and empower each other to make 2017 the best year ever!

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