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Self-doubt is one of the most wide-spread “spiritual illness” that people around the world face today. It’s not that it hasn’t been around for quite some time now, but today people are more aware of this, more conscious. Doubting yourself is a sign that you don’t trust how things are unfolding into your life, it’s practically the same with not having faith that things are unfolding in the most beneficial way for you. Also, self-doubt has been taught to us by the society that has been living in a state of fear for thousands of years. Breaking this habit that is deep wired in our brains, may need some work. But it is possible to it and become fearless. Let’s start from the very beginning.

There are only two states that one can live in, that are opposed to one another and create the perspective, the lens through which we understand or decode the world. One is love and the other one is fear. How do you know in which state you are now? By the way you feel. Feeling good is a sign that you’re in a love state and feeling bad, unworthy, insecure, fearful is a clear sign you’re living in fear. The way we feel is transmitted through our emotions. Our negative emotions are an indicator that we’ve strayed away from our true selves, whereas positive emotions tell us that we’re in our vortex, that we’re connected to the source and in other words, we’re doing a good job.

OK now, but there is a very important thing you need to know to become fearless. You need to understand that nothing in this world is inherently good or bad, and neither are you. In this sense, life is meaningless. The only one assigning meaning to it is you, through the beliefs you chose to have. You create the world around you, even if you’re not aware of it.

Overcoming self-doubt and becoming fearless is simple once you understand that it’s up to you to label everything, including yourself. Break those negative beliefs about yourself, see yourself through the eyes of love, remember that you were made out of eternal unconditional love. Become aware of your choices and design a world in which you are fearless, you are worthy, you are loved and you are powerful!


However I know that it is easier said than done. I have been there numerous times when opportunities of a lifetime knocked on my door and I declined again and again. I let my self doubts and fears got the best of me that I allowed them to hinder me from being the best I could be.

But hey that was the old me! Since my traumatic brain injury experience in 2006, I have really worked on myself. Through this journey, I have strived through my challenges and now I am thriving into someone whom I never dreamed I could be. All this happened because I have decided to rise above my self doubt and fears! Now I live my life authentically with nothing but love for myself and others. I am not done yet…the journey still continues as I have bigger dreams and goals to achieve for 2017! As my journey continues, there would be times when those negative emotions creep in…especially during challenging moments. And that my friend, will be the time I bring myself back to centre, nurture myself with nothing but love and remind myself what a strong being I am…that is how I stay courageous and fearless!

What about you? Are you on a similar journey as mine, comment below if you don’t mind sharing some inspirations?

Or are you letting self-doubts and fears stopping you from being the best you could be? Join my tribe as we inspire and empower each other to make the positive difference in life!

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