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Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powdered Extract + Brain Tonic 

There are a lot of new, hyped up supplements people have been buying, most of them promising dramatic results…and falling pretty flat.  Most of them do have some benefits, but after giving many of them a shot, I rarely notice a difference.  I always go for the things that say they’ll help me improve my memory and have more energy because as an event planner with a brain injury, those are the two things I need most.

I heard about Lion’s Mane a few years ago, but it seemed too good to be true, and all the products on the market were either really expensive or seemed like they didn’t have much of the active ingredient.  (I wasn’t about to buy sawdust, even if it is in my budget.)  Until I saw the product at Jeffrey Slayter’s event here in Perth that I thought oh whatta hack, I am gonna try it!

First, I found some really well-designed studies on Lion’s Mane that showed some really huge improvements in brain function and nerve regeneration.  (Nerve regeneration?!?  Hecks yes!)  But really, this study shows that there are clear improvements in brain function when this herb is taken.  And in this one, we see that Lion’s Mane specifically helps in learning and memory retention.  It goes into how the specific amyloid peptide also prevents cognitive dysfunction.  The Huffington Post even took notice, and came to the conclusion that it definitely is “suggestive of positive outcomes.”

The thing I like most about the Lion’s Mane is that it induces nerve growth factor in the brain.  That means your brain is growing new connections.  This is something that gets harder as we’re exposed to stress, and as we age.  Those are two things we all have in common, right?  So I started hunting to find a good product that wasn’t expensive, but that also wasn’t sawdust.  This time around, I found exactly what I wanted!

This little packet.  I have to be honest, the first two days I tried it, it knocked me flat.  I probably just took too much because I was excited, but I was super tired and didn’t really want to eat much.  Day three though, WOW.  I had all day energy and I cut back from my usual coffee-all-day to just a cup every few days!  I didn’t feel jittery or anything, just what I think normal awake is supposed to feel like.

I enjoy my work but being a small business owner I need to do all the work including accounting, marketing, designing, planning and everything else myself. And usually, my attention span on the PC doesn’t last long. I’m usually sneaking on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest instead of finishing my work. Plus with my brain injury conditions, at times it is hard for me to perform mentally. I get mentally tired easily and at times it is hard for me to process information.

However, since taking Lion’s Mane with my smoothie, I noticed there is an improvement in my focus. Also with my brain injury at times my brain process information with a slight delay and this I find has improved since I have been taking the Lion Mane. Currently, I am also doing some studies on improving my personal development and I noticed that my concentration when I am reading the notes has improved. I didn’t have to reread a page few times to actually process the information.

All these perks, just for adding a teaspoon into my smoothie. Not bad eh? I am so glad I tried it and will continue to take it. The only painful part is I can’t find Lion Mane in WA. The one I tried is from SuperFeast and they are in QLD so I had to pay shipping etc..oh well maybe I should be their WA stockist! hehehe

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid article. I just love this product so much that I wanna tell the whole world about it!

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