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I’ve spent more than 15 years in the international tourism and VIP hospitality industry, living a fast-paced life working for brands like Disney, Hilton, Christchurch Casino and Crown Resorts.

In the past, I enjoyed the fast-paced lifestyle which kept me busy so that I didn’t have a moment to feel my true emotions. Since a child, I experienced traumas but it was not until Friday 13th, 2006, when I fell off the stage and hit my head on the ground did my world changed indefinitely. I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury from that fall.


The struggle of recovery led me to depression and anxiety which nearly made me lose hope and almost attempted suicide. Somehow, I found the courage to strive through all the challenges and found supportive tools and therapies to overcome my challenges and condition.

Shortly after my recovery, I was once challenged again when Christchurch, New Zealand where I was living then was hit with an earthquake. I got injured trying to escape from my apartment and within weeks, I decided to move to Australia with few pieces of clothings.

Due to overcoming my traumas, I have gained a new me. I have graduated from University, something which I never thought I could do (being someone with a brain injury). I have found a new meaning in love and happiness with my partner. Then in 2015, I gathered all the courage and left my flamboyant VIP International Gaming career in the casino industry to start my event business.

A few months later, a friend of mine took her own life and I was devastated. I realised that although I didn’t act on my suicidal tendencies, there are many people going through the same thing I went through. However, they weren’t as lucky and do not come out of it. I became determined to raise the awareness of the importance of mental health, inspire and empower others to strive for a positive life and cultivate a supportive, kinder and more caring society. And so “Strive and Thrive” was born.


Regular community workshops are held, offering a range of support tools and techniques from practitioners and industry experts to build and maintain mental wellness. Webinars and online resources are offered at no cost to the community of Strive and Thrive. Our social media platforms have also always been a place for the community to receive positive messages, resources and support.

Our annual Positive Life Expo and Workshops where various wellness experts and practitioners come together to work collectively and exhibit the various possibilities to live life more positively. This event also hosts industry experts to share motivation, ideas, thoughts, techniques and strategies that anyone from any walk of life can use to live a more inspired life.

Have a look at the events page and see what’s on.

Catch up with the rest of the Strive and Thrive community on Facebook or get in touch with Norita here.


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