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“Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.” ― Tina Fey

Earlier this year while I was finalising my 12 months strategy planning for 2019, something came up in my mind. I then shared with my best friend, “Hey, you know how I’ve already got Positive Life Expo and Workshops every August right? I would love to be a part of a women’s empowerment event. I don’t wanna run the event as PLEW alone has taken up so much of me. But I just want to collaborate or even just speak at an event which empowers women.” I then put a note below my annual draft calendar not even knowing when or if this opportunity would even come. A few weeks later, I got an email from a lady who is asking if I would like to be a part of WEF – Perth, which is a women’s only event in Perth.

WEF (Women Economic Forum) started in India by its founder, Dr. Harbeen Arora in 2015 and it is a multinational forum platform which enables women and leaders from all walks of life around the world to expand business opportunities and enhance personal influence through networking. WEF is non-profit and they have connections to 100,000 members, inspiring women from across 150 countries. (Source:

Reading all these from their website, my eyes lit up! I couldn’t believe this but what’s more unbelievable was when I received an invitation from Carol Hanlon (Chairman of WEF- Perth) to join her and a few other ladies to represent Perth Australia in WEF – India! OMG, yes yes yes! But how can I make this happen?

3 Tips to Saying Yes and Making It Happen

  • Get into the heart space and not let the head control your decision making

Deep inside I want to go so I can share my story and inspire others. But how can I go, when I’m actually planning to be in US for the Broken Vessels filming. Moreover, I am in the midst of completing my digital courses and working on the launches. Also not to mention, I have to kick off the planning of Positive Life Expo and Workshops! I looked at my annual calendar, and usually this might have caused me anxiety however for some reasons, I was calm about this and something is telling me I have to go, and make this happen.

  • Believe in the divine power and ask for help

So after a week of gathering my courage to go, now came along the finances. I have placed all my budget into the respective projects for the whole year. There seems to be no budget for me to go to India. I then had a conversation with the Divine Power which goes like this: “I want to go and if you really want me to go then you need to find me the way to make this happen”. Guess what, within hours of pondering into this, a client of mine rang, long story cut short, she transferred a full amount of payment into my bank account for a future project. Oh my, oh my! This is indeed a miracle! I am meant to go to India!

  • Find that magic within you

So now everything seems to be aligning, suddenly came along thoughts “I’ve never been a part of a forum with thousands of attendees. I’ve never presented outside Perth (my city of comfort). I also looked up the big line up of speakers who will be speaking at WEF – India. There were philanthropists, politicians, activists and the list goes on…then I asked myself “Am I good enough to speak there? Who am I?” For a few minutes, I admit these questions did make me feel like maybe I wasn’t good enough to speak there. However I looked within me and asked myself, “Do you think you are good enough?” I then wrote down a list of things I have done with Strive and Thrive which includes:

  1. Free events to bring community together to heal collectively
  2. Inspiring and empowering my network so we can make a difference collectively
  3. Growing my social media following organically by spreading positivity
  4. Offering value and support to my online community groups at no cost.
  5. Speaking and sharing my story, strategies and tools to inspire and empower others to find hope and power within themselves again.

I finished the list by asking myself “Why do you want to go to India?” and I answered, “It is time to step up and take my work to another level–internationally.” Those words expanded my heart but at the same time it was scary I must admit! But I stayed in that place, the place where My Why is in my heart…and that is how I found the courage to go!

Fast forward a few weeks of preparations and a few crazy things happened while I try to reschedule my launches and re-organized other tasks to my team to squeeze into this trip, finally I am in Delhi for WEF – INDIA! I spent my first day just resting from my long flight and getting ready for my first speech which will be on the first day of the forum. I ordered room service from their wellness menu which I thought was awesome. I travelled a lot with my previous career and stayed in fancy hotels but it was never easy to find healthy options on room service menu. So I was very impressed with the hotel having a wellness menu. I had a cold pressed juice, soup and grilled chicken with vegetables. Then I went for a walk around the hotel checking out where the ballroom and workshops rooms were. I went to the spa and had a head a massage for my migraine then back to my room for an early night.

Annual WEF - 2019 selfie

Me with a sick face but holding to a heart pin to remind me to stay in my heart and carry love and light always.

 I didn’t feel well after waking up the next morning.. I felt feverish all morning and was concerned because I had to present that day. I looked at my speaker’s pass on the table and something told me that I had to go find all my energy, pull them out and present my first speech. It didn’t go as I planned but I was proud that at least I did it without anyone knowing that I was actually sick. Later the day I shared with my Perth group about me not feeling well and somehow we came to conclusion that it might be because the day before I made coffee in my room using tap water for my kettle! Apparently tap water in India isn’t safe for direct consumption. Anyway I really dragged myself to last the whole day and I survived!

Annual WEF - 2019 Sticker Pass

On the second day, I woke up with a higher temperature and diarrhea. An hour before I was scheduled to go up on the main stage with the Australian Contingent, I was actually having my face in the toilet bowl vomiting my face out. I felt so weak after the vomiting and thoughts came in, “OMG, how am I gonna do this?!” I then took a moment to do a 5 minute meditation and did a grounding exercise which finished off with me asking for the Divine Power to be with me and support me. I walked into the ballroom and I remembered how my team was concerned when they looked at how white my face was. My group leader Carol said to me, “Are you sure you want to go up? You don’t have to go up you know”. She was so lovely and was concerned like a mother to me. I already flew all the way there to do this, there is no way I am pulling out as long as I am still standing. Because I know I am not here alone, I have my spirit guides with me and I am here not just for me, I am here to share my story to spread love and light, to give hope to others so I know I will be fine on that stage. To my surprise, the adrenaline of presenting in that huge ballroom with many eyes staring at you had taken my focus from my condition away. I didn’t feel unwell at all…I was totally focused on my speech and finished it off with a big applause from the crowd. I went back to my seat feeling so proud of myself that I managed to pull myself together to do what I came to do.

Me on the main stage at Annual - WEF 2019

Me on the main stage at Annual – WEF 2019

There are more things happened in that trip but I will keep it for my upcoming blogs. But to finish this off, I just wanna share with you on how I said YES to many ‘perceived issues’ which could have stopped me from doing what I need to do. And The Universe rewarded me with an award which was presented to me by Dr. Harbeen, the founder of WEF – India. When my name got called out for the award of ‘Iconic Women Creating A Better World for Us All’, deep inside me I could hear “this is for all the struggle which you endured, this is for US ALL, the survivors, the believers, the do-ers”.

Winning the award at WEF - India

Winning the award, ‘Iconic Women Creating A Better World for Us All’ at WEF – India

Thank you for reading and to those who have and still sticking with me, believing in me…Thank you for supporting and loving me in this journey of mine. Let’s all strive to be the best we can be by saying YES to Life cuz that’s when Miracles will Happen!

And never give up!

Do you find yourself afraid of saying yes to wonderful oportunities? Let’s start this conversation or message me via our socials to get the discussion going!

Wanna know the key to build courage to say Yes? It is RESILIENCE!

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