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Positive Life Expo and Workshops – Write Up by Justine Peovitis

After hearing about the amazing events which Strive and Thrive organised last year, I was super excited to be part of this year’s main event the Positive Life Expo and Workshops. Even though I heard about the wonderful positive energy during past events, I didn’t fully realise how beautiful and inspiring the event would be until I experienced it myself. The Positive Life Expo and Workshops was an empowering event to help people strive through their challenges and make positive life decisions. I was so privileged to be helping out at Strive and Thrive’s stand, making announcements in the exhibitors hall and interacting with all the beautiful people on the day. It was a gratifying and unforgettable experience which I haven’t stopped gloating about to my friends and family.

After three months of preparation, almost 15-17 hours daily for three weeks leading up to the event, the Strive and Thrive team were beyond grateful to see so many beautiful heart based exhibitors and guests supporting our event. I was amazed by the warm and positive energy throughout the day and it was gratifying to see all the wonderful people light up with smiles on their faces. It was uplifting to see so many people shared their experiences and connect with each other in a friendly, non-judgemental space.  I thought it was truly a beautiful event that opened my eyes to the beauty in sharing, supporting and empowering each other.

Amazing events like this can be hectic to plan and delivered. There is no doubt that our team was working endlessly to create such an amazing event. So you may be asking yourself, how did they do it? In preparation for this event, our main ‘driver’ for this event, the lovely Norita Omar took Superfeast’s Lions Mane in her smoothies every single breakfast to help with her brain functioning. Norita swears by this product as she has been using it for years and believes it is a miracle worker for brain health! We were so excited to have SuperFeast sponsored their products at our event and share these amazing superhuman products with everyone at our event. I got to try it with my smoothie one morning too and love the taste! Norita also had Superfeast’ Reishi mushroom powdered extract daily. Reishi is known to help deals with negative effects of stress. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to check them out, have a look at their website. Their products are made using the highest quality medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs from around the world and the best news is they offer free shipping nationwide!

With so many amazing activities throughout the day, there was no doubt our guests were full of excitement. What was your favourite activity? Did you come along to the afternoon meditation session? We were so fortunate to have two sessions throughout the day. Let’s trigger your memory back to that day. The beautiful Pauline Hall used essential oils to demonstrate how to create a non-toxic home. Using essential oils, we participated in relaxing and comforting meditation. Essential oils are effective in relaxing the mind, body and soul with its natural ingredients and healing properties. Everyone in the crowd were immersed in the experience and absorbed the calming energy. It was amazing to see how relaxed, at peace and in tuned with yourself you can feel after a session of meditation.

Everyone enjoyed this meditation session so much that the founder of Strive and Thrive, Norita Omar, ran guided meditation on expressing gratitude later on in the day. The calming music in the background was soothing to listen to whilst reminding ourselves about what we are grateful for. It was a beautiful activity to help everyone take the opportunity to be appreciative and thankful for all the things they have.

Having been involved in the preparation for this event, It was so beautiful to see so many wonderful people check out our Emergency Care Wall. This was such a great feature of our event which received a positive response from our guests. It was a great reminder on how to deal with things that can sometimes bring us down and affect our lives. It was so colourful and visual, there was no doubt everyone stopped to have a look.

Who participated and engaged with our Gratitude Wall? It was an inspiring activity which encouraged our guests to display what their most grateful for in their lives. What a beautiful way to express gratitude and share your thoughts in a positive space.

Strive and Thrive was so excited to have so many amazing speakers on board for our Positive Life Expo and Workshops. I was so excited to listen to their talks and to see so many engaged guests was incredible. It was lovely to witness a range of emotional, informative and empowering presentations. Which one was your favourite?

One of the most memorable speakers on the day was Sonia Barrett from Creative Symmetry who spoke about ‘The Power of Emotions’. Who remembers this incredible presentation? Sonia’s talk definitely drew the crowd which was so amazing to see. Who loved how Sonia opened up her talk? The colourful, wrapped box filled with common physical symptoms many of us would be embarrassed to share really encouraged everyone to realise how these can encourage us to strive for a better life and overcome these challenges. I loved how Sonia shared her life experiences and helped us understand how to make the most of our lives through understanding and connecting with our emotions. It was great to be shown simple and effective lifeline techniques to help us in everyday life. I was so inspired by this powerful presentation and it was amazing to see such an engaged audience.

Did you come along to Gareth Calvert’s talk on ‘Chronic Pain: An Exit Plan?’ We all experience some form of pain in our lives and it’s so important we understand our bodies and how to overcome pain. It was amazing to listen to Gareth from Hilton Chiropractic give an informative speech on how to understand our pain better. It was fascinating to learn the relationship between the brain and our pain and effective ways to relieve it. I can definitely say I walked away with some important and beneficial tips from this speech. Who else learnt something new?

Who doesn’t love organic and natural tea? We were so excited for Suzanna Wallace from the ‘Green Naturopath’ to launch her new organic products at our Positive Life Expo and Workshops. Being a tea lover myself, I was very interested in learning about the amazing benefits of plant-based products and herbal medicines. It was so wonderful to hear her story and have an insight into her new products.

Did you participate in Lina Scott’s presentation on ‘How to Destress with BodyTalk?’ I’m sure most of us can agree that life brings many stressful moments that can be hard to manage at times. It was so beautiful to hear Lina share her personal story about how she got into BodyTalk. I was so fortunate to catch a glimpse of her interactive BodyTalk demonstration where she shared some useful Cortices techniques for all of us to practice to help destress and improve how we manage stress. For those of you who are unaware, Cortice technique balances the left and right hemispheres of your brain and acts as a reset button, shifting your brain from flight mode to growth mode. It was such a different and interesting experience that I’ve been trying to implement in my life since participating in this demonstration. Who else enjoyed this presentation? Have you been practicing the Cortices techniques? I would love to hear about your experience and how it has helped your life.

It was great to be apart of this event and listen to so many incredible people including Linda Blackshaw who presented on ‘Co-create your Health.’ Who came along to this amazing speech? It was wonderful to have Linda apart of our Positive Life Expo and Workshops and have her share her amazing tips using visualisation. This was very interesting and a unique technique which is very useful to help improve our health. It was such a wonderful experience and was great hear her inspirational story.

The other inspirational speakers were Danny Marriner from Marriner Performance who spoke about Inspired Leadership which was on how we can make a difference starting from developing the leadership in us first by being the best we can possibly be.

Bass Tadros gave us an insight of what Empowered Mindfulness is. Mindfulness is not about having a full mind, too many people use the excuse of being busy from actually taking the time to clear their mind! Being mindful is being in the moment, the present the now. Not living in the past or the future. He also covered on “Negative Patterns of Thought” and how tackle them by empowering our mindset. He ended his speech with the benefits of Mindfulness and why we all need to be practicing it in our daily lives.

Pauline Hall who is our representatives from Young Living showed us how toxic chemicals in our everyday products can be so damaging to our body and health. Pauline shared great tips on reading the labels of products and introduced us to products infused with essential oils. Young Living has amazing products infused with nature to benefit our health. And more exciting to hear that they are launching nationwide, their first toxic free mineral make up this October.

And we have Martin Ball from Sexy Water who presented on Your Brain and Water. Martin highlighted on how by simply drinking the right type of water can helps us maintain our brain health. He also highlighted on the issues which most people might be facing with mental and physical health conditions which resulted from the lack of drinking water.

The final speaker of our Positive Life Expo and Workshops was the beautiful Norita Omar who is the backbone of Strive and Thrive. This was truly a privilege to hear her amazing speech on ‘How to Bounce Back When SH-T Happens.’ If you came along to her presentation, I’m sure you would agree that it was a touching, emotional and inspirational talk. I was so moved by her presentation that I had shed a few tears. Having known Norita for just over a month at the time of the event, I was very intrigued to hear her share her story in person. It was such an eye opener and she really helps you realised how we can make the most out of our lives despite any setbacks and unfortunate circumstances. Norita shared her personal journey with us and how her change in mindset was what saved her from her darkest days and she believed hope and resilience was the key to her recovery from her brain injury and depression. It was truly an incredible speech and is so amazing to see how successful Norita has become. She is truly an inspiration and role model.

Norita has a unique way of connecting with people and encouraged everyone to participate in her signature activity to the Bom Bom song by Sam and the Womp. It was so uplifted and incredible to see everyone dancing like no one’s watching and just having fun. It was such a great activity to demonstrate how our physiology affects our psychology that really got everyone smiling and feeling instantly energised.

At the end of her presentation, Norita was super excited to pre-launch her ‘Real, Raw and Resilience’ program at our event. I saw so many intrigued guests listen to Norita’s brief summary about the program and have seen amazing energy towards the launch. Check out the details here and subscribe if you like a free invite to the official launch workshop!

Norita’s words of gratitude:

First I am so grateful for the assistance Universe has sent me in order to assist me to create this beautiful event.

Sheryl Tang, you were my lil angel Universe has sent me, a HUGE thank you for everything that you have done for this event, throughout these many months of preparations. And also Justine Peovitis for joining the team assisting with our social media campaign and other bitsy stuffs here and there hehehe

To all my sponsors and heart based businesses who supported in this goal of mine especially our returning sponsors and exhibitors. I couldn’t have done this event as a free entry event if it hadn’t been for you lot!

To all businesses who donated door prizes, thank you for your generosity which indeed brought a lot of happiness and smiles that day. A special mention to Julie Dunn from Divine Bliss Candles in Busselton who generously donated 200 of these amazing Shining Star tealight candles for our first 200 attendees on that day!  She and her team of angels made these in just a few days to ensure that they will be ready for our lovely Natalie Nairn to pick them up from Busselton to Perth! We sure do have many angels around in our tribe! These Shining Star candles were made with numerous essential oils that assist in emotional and mental health.

To all my supporters and volunteers, thank you for sharing my passion and shining your light alongside with me. Special gratitude to our event partner City West Receptions for partnering up with us and also accommodating all our needs. Another special gratitude to Cushla Lovejoy for supporting our event even when she couldn’t be there with us due to an overseas commitment. But thank you for supporting us from far!

And finally, a warm hearted huge THANK YOU to my wonderful partner, Shaun Nunn who has been my rock and strongest believer in me making a positive difference to this world we’re living. Also thank you for putting up with me being so busy that I couldn’t tidy up the house for many weeks hehehe!

Also not forgetting to thank YOUsss to every single soul who attended our event this year. Thank you to the beautiful feedback which really warms my heart. Thank you for the new friendships made, please don’t be a stranger, we are all in this together so let’s look forward to more as TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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Justine Peovitis

Justine Peovitis

Social Media and Communications Intern

Justine Peovitis is a 1st year student at Curtin University studying Mass Communications, streaming in Journalism and Public Relations. She is currently an intern with Strive and Thrive gaining experience in social media and communications. She has an interest in the fashion industry and hopes to MC events and have involvement in the Fashion and Media industry.

In her spare time, she enjoys creative activities including painting, baking and watching movies. Justine loves socialising with people and enjoying life with her friends and family.

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