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This was my second year working with Norita and the Strive and Thrive team and after the success of the previous year, I was super excited to be back and ready for another beautiful day. Positive Life is a day of pure positivity, where people can share their stories and share their passions in order to help others. This is why I was so excited that Positive Life was back in 2019!

After all the long hours of planning and preparation, the event was finally here! And wow, where do I begin?! The day started with crystal bowl sound healing by Bridgit Gloria. This allowed everyone to become grounded and calm. There was a true sense of peace and tranquillity and it was the perfect way to start the day. 

BG sound healing

The first presentation was given by the wonderful Jeorgette May Medel, the Soul Igniter who flew all the way from Sydney to be at the event. Her speech on “How to Ignite Passion and Purpose and Create the Life of Your Dreams” was absolutely amazing! Jeorgette is a very inspiring woman. I found myself listening and hanging on to every word she said. What I liked about her was that she broke everything down into really simple and easy to follow terms which made me feel like,” Yep, you know what? I can definitely do this in my life.” She made the topic feel the opposite of overwhelming; something very achievable. She had such a beautiful aura that surrounded her and she spoke so warmly to the crowd, which allowed people to really open up. She made me laugh, she made it feel easy and she made it feel like she was my friend, which I just loved. Creating a life of your dreams can seem like such an overwhelming and too hard to achieve a topic but Jeorgette made me feel like I was ready to find my true passions and purpose. She truly is the Soul Igniter. 

Next was Donna Rowe from Byford Kinesiology and she presented “From Destruction, to Peace, Through Choice.” Wow, where to begin? Donna’s speech really struck a chord with me and I think the reason I loved it so much was her vulnerability and honesty. To break it down, she spoke first about her DESTRUCTION and wow, was it emotional. Donna opened up about the challenges she has had to work through in her life. She was vulnerable, emotional and just a real human being in that moment. She spoke so openly about herself and the hardships that she had put herself through and I just loved how raw it was. Donna taught me that sometimes life isn’t pretty and that’s okay as long as you make a CHOICE to make a change. Donna spoke about making the choice to make a change for herself and her family and how this can be hard and it takes time. But you can do it as long as you do make that choice and that you really want it. Donna shared how making that change brought peace to her life and how finding kinesiology turned her life around as she literally walked outside after her first session and could hear the birds chirping. Donna was so raw and strong and showed how truly passionate she is about her work and I loved it because she uses herself as the perfect example of how kinesiology can change lives. She’s a true inspiration who found her peace within and now encourages and helps others to do the same.

Sue Penfold from Nutritional Therapy Association Australia who presented on “The Food Mood Link: Can Food Really Effect Your Mood?” I loved Sue’s presentation because she really made me think. Food is a hard topic due to the fact that everyone has a different relationship with it. However, Sue shared her own experiences broke it down to what REAL food is and how much it really can affect our lives. Sue was super engaging and had a wonderful presence. She showed me how much food can truly affect my mood and stress and taught us how simple it is to make a change for a better life. So amazing!

Sue Penfold

Bridgit Cray of Bridgit Gloria is a Holistic Counsellor and Energy Practitioner who presented on “Love Yourself ….. it’s the only way to finding lasting Peace” and wow what a beautiful energy this special lady portrayed! Bridgit made me feel at peace as she presented with so much love and with such calm energy. It allowed me to really zone out and just listen to every word she said. Bridget took the common phrase of “love yourself” and showed us how to actually do this and what it really means. What I love is that she talks about finding inner peace and through her peaceful energy we could see that she was the perfect example of someone who has found their peace and what an inspiration that is. She guided us through meditation and spoke from the heart and I absolutely loved it and more importantly, I learned so much. I took so much away from this presentation. This lady is magic!!!

Bridgit Cray speaking

Joining us again was the wonderful Janice Chan who is the principal chiropractor from The Spine Studio. Janice presented on “Rewiring the Body to Cope with Stress.” What I love about Janice is that she doesn’t just provide a whole bunch of facts about the body but she delves deeper into how stress really can impact our body. The connection she makes between our mental health and physical health is super interesting and at times mind-blowing. She has a great vibe as she presented on the topic of stress which is something that everybody can relate to but she provided us with a different take on how we can tackle it rather than the usual things we are told to do. I found Janice so interesting as she opened up about her own experiences and seeing how passionate she is about her work was so inspiring. 

Janice on stage

Norita decided to do a different presentation this year as she delved deeper into her past and shared more on how she has overcome the troublesome times by sharing her resilience tips. Her speech was super emotional as she truly opened up about the hardships she had been through in her life. I think everyone in the room was in awe of her vulnerability at that moment. Norita opened up about childhood trauma, along with her brain injuries and now the chronic pain that she has to work through every day. What I love about Norita’s presentation though is that the focus isn’t on everything that she has been through but rather on what she has done and what she continues to do each day to work through the physical, mental and spiritual challenges. Norita encourages everyone to find out who they truly are. She is such a strong role model as she shows everyone that “I am ME” and reminded me that I can work through my challenges. Norita’s presentation on how she has overcome her darkest days is such an inspiration. I left that room feeling strong and ready to love myself. She taught me how to find who I truly am and that it’s okay not to be okay all the time. She also reminded me to thank myself.

Norita Omar speaking

After inspiring everyone and providing her knowledge Norita brought back the fan favourite BOM BOM!!! This brought everyone to their feet as she got everyone standing while singing and dancing and overall letting loose.  While this activity is just so much fun she is also showing everyone how important it is to have fun, laugh and enjoy life. The activity just shows that it’s okay to be silly every once in a while and that sometimes laughter is the best medicine. Norita also encouraged everyone to thank themselves with the “Thank You” song and wow the aura in the room was emotional. Norita invited everyone to delve deep into themselves and to take a moment in silence to find some gratitude. Such an important lesson to take away from the event.

Nathan Archer presented on “Living a High Performance Life.” I found Nathan to be super engaging and he had such a great vibe.  He showed us how he made a change in his life to gain more control. Now lives the life that he wants to live and more importantly, it is a high-performance life. Nathan gave us five key topics on how we can begin to change our lives as well as little tips such as that if you turn your phone off for 50 minutes twice a day your productivity will seriously improve. I loved how he took the fear away from stepping away from our phones and it can actually help us have the life we desire.

Nathan Archer

This year we were honoured that Jeff Vega from Vega Productions flew all the way from Michigan, USA. He is the producer of the film Broken Vessels, a US featured film on traumatic brain injury survivors which our founder Norita Omar was recently interviewed in. Jeff presented an exclusive preview of the Broken Vessels trailer and talked more about the film. He is more than just the producer as he shared about his emotional connection that he has to the story of the film and how much this film means to him. He spoke about how brain injury really is an invisible illness and how important it is that we create an awareness around it. Jeff’s passion for the film was obvious which I loved and he showed me how important it is for people without brain injuries to support those who do and how we need to spread more awareness, support and love to this invisible illness.

Norita Omar and Jeff Vega on stage

We were ever so lucky to have a Dance Healing by 5 Rhythms Perth Movement Meditation Practice. WOW, this was absolutely amazing! It was so inspiring to see everyone get involved in this and just let go of any nervousness or tension and just enjoy the moment. We danced alone, we danced with each other and it didn’t matter what we looked like or what anyone else was thinking because it was simply just healing through dance. The connection everyone had with each other was beautiful. It was so cool to be a part of. 

 Dance Healing by 5 Rhythms Perth Movement Meditation Practice

We also had a Bollywood Fitness session by Bollywood Active and boy, was it fun! I wasn’t too sure what to expect but the girls were so much fun as they showed us some Bollywood dance moves that they have incorporated into a fitness style. Fitness can be so daunting, so to try this Bollywood session was super interesting to see a different take on fitness. The girls created such a vibrant energy where we could really let loose and yell and dance and just have SO MUCH FUN!!!! 

Bolly Active and Ezereve

We had the wonderful Ezereve there almost all day who performed a performance. Her voice is pure magic and she added to the peaceful and positive vibes that were bursting around the room. I also loved that she doesn’t just perform songs but she sings from the heart about personal experiences that she has had. 

The speakers room was almost full all day of different speakers who shared their stories and wisdom. From inspiring speeches, meditation, crystal bowl sound healing, question and answers as well as Bollywood fitness and healing dancing while the other room was full of heart-based health and wellness exhibitors who are passionate about their services and products. 

Activities such as the gratitudes tree allowed everyone to take a moment alone amongst the busy day to think about what they are thankful for in their life. So beautiful!

Gratitude tree

The photobooth was so much fun as it had a Positive Life spin to it as the props all had positive messages on them such as “I am beautiful” or “I am confident”. It made everyone feel so special. 


The whole day people went in and out of the two rooms learning, making friends, sharing stories and overall gaining experiences and knowledge to live a more positive life. people walked out after the event feeling empowered and inspired by the speakers, exhibitors and all the activities along the way. Everyone had a smile on their face and the energy that came from the two rooms was so vibrant. 

Once again the day was full of learning, laughter, good vibes, love and people opening up their hearts to others while we listened and became inspired. Year after year Positive Life remains to be Perth’s most inspiring health and wellness event.

Norita Words’ of Gratitude

First I would like to thank The Universe for sending me all the resources and energy which I needed to pull through this event. This year has been a challenging one for me as I was preparing for two events back to back with half manpower which I normally had. Plus I had numerous setbacks which nearly crippled me but I stayed calm as I know that the Universe has got my back! 

To my event team: Adora-Jane Bonadeo, Carly Durante, Sheryl Tang, and my VA Angelica; thank you so much for shining your light alongside with me for this event. 

Event team

A huge thank you to all the Exhibitors for coming together with me in creating this inspirational heart-based event. I am extremely blessed that we are all there with a genuine intention of providing value and assistance for the community.

Strive and Thrive team with exhibitors

List of Exhibitors: Joergette Mae Medel – Igniting Souls International Bridgit Cray – Bridgit Gloria Donna Rowe – Byford Kinesiology Jeff and David Vega – Vega Entertainment Paisley Madison – Paisley Madison Cyrus Rousilhess – Cyrus Photography Jeanne Boles – JB Coco Suzie Craddock – The Rhythm Centre Maitri Bds – Active Wellness Spa Ezereve – Ezereve Janice Chan – The Spine Studio Corey Skelton – Mystic Energies Leanne Scott – Nutritional Therapy Association Leela G – NuSkin Neil Forsey – Hungry Coach Elke Blight – Abundant Wholeness Deirdre Kelly – Dynamic Kosha Stephanie Tugnett – Stephanie Tugnett Merry Jean – Luxe Lashes by Angel Chantel Casella – La Dea Beauty Rowie Krebs – Pure Romance Nathan Archer – Beyond Purpose Chaynika Methi – Chaynika Fashion Ashleigh Crank – Goodlife Gym and Act Belong Commit

Thank you to our lovely volunteers who gave up their Saturday to come and assist us with our event. And not forgetting, thank you to our wonderful MC Adora Jane Bonadeo.

Event Volunteers: Anne Hetherington, Edna Bonadeo, Sandra Clarke, Yun Choi, Hazel Lowe, Lisa Giddons, Lina Scott, Shawn and Aaron.

And a big Thank you to House of Wings and their angels for gracing our event with their beautiful angels who floated around the event giving our attendees beautiful affirmations. Angels: Jade Roberts, Hannah Cavanagh, Emma Coffey, Mya  Grieve, Sairra-Jayne, Jasmine Clarke, Taylor Lee, Kayley Pereira, Emerson Mccloy (names to be confirmed)

To all businesses who sponsored door prizes, thank you for your generosity which indeed brought a lot of happiness and smiles that day.

Door prize sponsors: Ania Spa, VaaLg, Jeorgette Mae Medel, Hungry Coach, Relish GourmetLighthouse Photography, The Spine Studio, Abundant Wholeness, Pure Romance, Grazie Gifts, Byford Kinesiology, Luxe Lashes by Angel, Paisley Madison, Bridgit Gloria, Urban OM, and Urban Massage Studio North Perth 

Full details of prizes can be found on this blog.

To Cyrus Rousilhess from Lighthouse Photography and Laine Maria, a heartful Thank You for capturing all these wonderful memories and for gracing us with your wonderful positive vibes!

A huge Thank you to these beautifuls; Reaghan, Chantal and Merry Jean who are in and out lovelies who were kind enough to set up a Beauty Bar, providing a free make over for our event attendees.

Beauty bar booth

Make up artist:

Hair stylist:

Lash extensions:

And finally, a juicy THANK YOU to my amazing partner, Shaun Nunn who has been my rock and strongest believer in me making a positive difference to this world we’re living. I couldn’t have done all these without Thank you babe and I love YOU!!!

My Partner in Crime

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Carly is a 4th year student at Curtin University where she has studied Mass Communications and is now completing a Marketing Major. She is currently interning with Strive and Thrive to gain experience working with social media and marketing. She has a passion in marketing but also loves helping people and promoting positivity. Carly has hobbies in drawing, creative writing and reading. Carly considers her family and friends to be very important and loves celebrating and living a joyful life with them by her side.

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