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EOFY, Recharge Your Mind, Body and Spirit! Saturday 23rd July 2016

I was so grateful to see all the lovely exhibitors and guests who turned up for our mid year event – EOFY Recharge your Mind, Body and Spirit.  I spent 14-16 hours daily for 2 months and they were worth it to see the happy smiling faces and feel the warmth and lovely energy throughout the whole day.  There were just so much love in that space we created. I really wanted to get this blog out earlier but there have been so many exciting things happening that have taken my time since then which I’ll be announcing very soon.

Strive and Thrive Event Memories

I think we’ve achieved our aim of helping people to feel better about themselves and to work towards being the best version of themselves they can be.  What do you think?  I’d love to hear your feedback on what you thought and how you felt.  I heard some great feedback on the day, and since the day have had some really uplifting emails from people who said they could relate to some of the stories they heard and they felt better knowing it was not just them going through hard times.  That is what Strive and Thrive is all about – helping people connect with each other, and helping you realise there is help and support out there from friendly non-judgemental people who only want to offer guidance and direction.

Hypnolate by Susana Lopez

If you were there, did you participate in the free Hypnolates class run by Susana Lopez in the morning?  I wished I could have joined in, but Shaun did, and he said it was amazing how much more relaxed he felt afterwards. Hypnolate is a combination of Hypnosis and Pilates which was invented by Susana. Jump on her website to know more!Strive and Thrive team performance

Whenever work gets too full on, I would take a 10 minute break to bop around to music in my lounge room to help me loosened up. Usually the Bom Bom song by Sam and the Womp would be my chosen song! So it being a catchy tune and beat, I thought it was perfect to incorporate this activity into the afternoon to re-energise after sitting for a couple of hours. We wore some wacky costumes and brought along some props for the audience to Bom Bom along with us. Besides re-energizing, this activity also introduced to the audience to once in a while not to be afraid of being out of comfort zone like dancing silly and wearing bright vibrant colours hahaha! This shows how our physiology effects our psychology! And OMG I have been told that performance was the main highlight of the event!

Lifeline WA

I like to give a big shout out to LifeLine who recognised the work we are doing and came on board as our event partner. It really is heartwarming to be recognised and know we are on the right track with Strive and Thrive.  For those of you who bought our tickets, 10% goes to Lifeline so thank you! Did you know there were nearly 3,000 reports of deaths to suicide in 2014 and 3/4 of them were male.  The even more scary statistic is that there are approximately 65,300 attempts each year!  Thank you to Jo Lockhart from Lifeline WA for her speech on the work LifeLine do and how we can help.  If you or anyone you know needs help, contact them 24/7 on 13 11 14 for support, or visit their website.

Strive and Thrive's Speakers July 2016

I was so excited to present our inspirational speakers that day including myself hehe. It wasn’t easy to be vulnerable and sharing my personal story. At times I could feel my heart shakes when I brought the memories back in my story. I feel sad for the girl I was once but looking back, I would never thought she would be who I am today. And this has given me such gratitude to share my story in hope that it will inspire others to keep striving through their challenges so they could thrive like I did.

Casey Terry from Totally Alive aligns with my way of thinking in that illness is temporary and we can learn to overcome illness and stress to gain control of our lives.

After working one on one with Marnie Le Fevre recently, I was really excited that she agreed to share some of her wisdom with our guests as I have learned so much from her over the last few months.

Also a big thank you to Bass Tadros for his wise words about being present.  I’m sure we all went away with something to think about.

And we had a pop up speaker, Martin Ball also bravely shared his story about where he’s come from and how he turned his life around to be where he is today.

Strive and Thrive Featured Exhibitors

We had an even bigger and better business expo at this time, with some returning exhibitors from the January event.  From health and wellness, coaching, food planning, natural foods and oils, there was a huge amount of info available for everyone.  I handpicked all of these exhibitors as I believe they align with my vision about what I’m trying to achieve for Strive and Thrive.  I can’t thank these people enough for believing in me and supporting Strive and Thrive.  Thanks guys, we so value your support and we hope it was a successful day for you.  A big thank you to you all!

Prana Thrive

The Power of Women


Sexy Water

NUSKIN with Leela Lives Young

World Organics

Margaret Isagenix

Eat Clean Train Mean

USANA with Robert Butina

Essential Magnesium

Hungry Coach

Complete Feng Shui

Gina Brough ENJOpreneur

Teresa Rechichi

Outside The Box Solutions

Skillz 4 Kids

Back in Motion Como

Indigo Wellness


Pure Romance with Tanya Dodd

My Evolution

Lighthouse by Cyrus

Our other really fun segment of the afternoon was Belly Dancing with Carolyn Verhoef.  If you’ve never moved and swayed to music in this style, then Carolyn is the lady to get you moving.  Belly dancing is not just about moving, it’s amazing how good you feel afterwards. And it also about knowing how to move using your masculine and feminine energy.

I also like to express my thank you of love to my amazing partner Shaun Nunn who is my rock and for always encouraging me to do this inspiring work.  I could never achieve half of what I do without him.  And of course a special Thank you to the following beautiful souls who shares my passion and had assisted in bringing this event to life!

Rebecca Grey

Shona Rae-Biel

Lucas Silickas from RemanderIT

Carolyn Verhoef from Outside The Box Solutions

Anne Hetherington from Fait Accompli Services

Usha Raman from The Tall Oak

Bass Tadros from For Life Coaching

Marnie LeFevre from Marnie LeFevre

Casey Terry from Totally Alive

Tamara Cook and Team from Known Associates

Patricia Hamilton and Jacquie Walker from Conscious Living Expo

Kelly Sayers from Kelly Sayers

Ooops and of course not missing out the few lovely photographers!

Perth Personality Photographer

Svet Perth Photography

Outside The Box Creatives

Finally thank you to Flowers by Pep for gracing us gorgeous flower arrangements for our event!

Strive and Thrive


My last words for this blog, I am super proud for how much effort I have put into this event, for all the beautiful souls who have supported me either directly or even helping us in promoting and sharing this event on social media etc. For all the prize donors etc for every single attendees who bought tickets and attended, grazing us with all the positive energy…I am super proud to say I have never been to any event where there were just so much LOVE in that space we created. I have been receiving emails and messages about how that one event touched a number of lives…so THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart and let’s look forward for more as TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

So stay tuned for our next event!

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