December can be pretty hectic for a lot of people as many of us would have lots to do finishing up for the year. Things to clear before going for our long break, social and work or business events to attend, shopping and preparations for Christmas…and the list goes on! And though building resilience is a lifetime journey, it is more crucial to practice it daily during the festive month.

If you are like me, I find December the most pressurizing month and therefore I would practice extra self-care in order to avoid potential stressors and anxiety. Below is my Resilience Calendar where I remind myself to do these simple practices on daily basis.

You can download the Resilience Calendar as an image file for sharing via social media or as a PDF file for printing it out. Please pass it on to others so we can inspire everyone else to build resilience up especially over this festive period. Let the festive month brings more joy and not stress or misery 🙂

” I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become” – Carl Jung

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