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Review of Strive and Thrive’s Event by Food Prep Sunday

I was recently invited along to a ‘EOFY Recharge your Mind, Body and Spirit event hosted by Strive and Thrive which was sponsored by Ecstatique Events in their support for Lifeline WA.

The day was filled with inspirational stories, resources and products available to help you be the best version of yourself. The following exhibitors who had been specially invited and endorsed by Norita Omar were there to educate us about their products and services:


Prana Thrive

The Power of Women


Sexy Water

NUSKIN with Leela Lives Young

World Organics

Margaret Isagenix

Eat Clean Train Mean

USANA with Robert Butina

Essential Magnesium

Hungry Coach

Complete Feng Shui

Gina Brough ENJOpreneur

Teresa Rechichi

Outside The Box Solutions

Skillz 4 Kids

Back in Motion Como

Indigo Wellness


Pure Romance with Tanya Dodd

My Evolution

Lighthouse by Cyrus


There was also a free Hypnolate session by Susana Lopez which I, unfortunately wasn’t able to participate in but the people who did seemed to enjoy it!

WTV Interview Norita Omar

Strive and Thrive was started in January 2016 by Norita Omar after the loss of her friend to suicide. Norita knows all too well how depression can take a hold of your life, after she suffered through an intense rehabilitation process after experiencing a traumatic brain injury. Since 2006, Norita has been actively working on striving and thriving through her challenges and hopes that her work will inspire others to do the same. Norita personally found a lot of value in the following tools:

  • Eating ‘brain food’
  • Meditation, wherever you are most comfortable; for Norita it is in the bath!
  • Being grateful and accepting the present situation, regardless of what it is. Due to her brain injury, Norita still isn’t able to drive but she has framed this positively by choosing to focus on the fact that she “prefers to be driven around anyway and enjoys taking the public transportation where she feels she could connect with the community while enjoying the ride”.

Norita brings a huge amount of joy and contagious positive energy to any room that she is in and the vibe of this event reflected that.

The intentions of this particular event were to:

1)      Create a safe and supportive environment where like-minded people can come together with no judgement and to encourage people with mental health conditions to come out of isolation

2)      Connect those facing life challenges with like minded people and service/products providers which can be used as supporting tools.


We also heard from others like Marnie Lefevre who after leading a highly successful and ambitious career suffered from what she later realized was a panic attack whilst trying to escape a fire with her family. It was at this moment, Marnie realized she had been suffering from anxiety without even knowing it, and described her initial feelings around this as shame and guilt, particularly around not being able to be the mother she hoped to be. Marnie is passionate about empowering women to see life’s challenges as a gift and combat the current epidemic of depression we are in. Marnie shared 5 tips with the audience:

1)      Pay attention – Be present to the language we are using.

2)      Do something different – mix things up

3)      Be vulnerableShe encouraged us to watch a Ted Talk by Renee Brown and to tell people about our mental health state to remove to stigma.

4)     Love and let go

5)     Choose – Choose happiness, despite the situation.

Marnie finished by reminding the audience that depression is not you and her final hope for us was for every moment to hold a gift for us.

We were lucky enough to have a brief (perhaps too brief) aromatherapy meditative session with a gorgeous citrus essential oil whilst listening to a Gratitude song. It was an absolutely beautiful and relaxing few moments and the completely natural oil smelt divine.

Casey Terry


We then heard from Casey Terry from Totally Alive, a holistic psychologist who specialises in trauma. She made a really insightful observation that illness should be temporary and that our natural state is to be present. Casey took us through a model which outlined all the components of recovering from trauma and educated us that emotional trauma from our past, even as early as our childhood can build up in our body and lead to diseases such as autoimmune or neurological illness. As a result, we need to focus on trauma at all levels (energy, body, emotional etc.) and do so holistically. Casey also briefly touched on a really interesting new research area known as ‘Transgenerational trauma’  where trauma is passed through the genes to our children and grandchildren.

team dance

Next up, Norita and her beautiful team of volunteers surprised the audience with crazy costumes and dancing to the energetic and fun song Bom Bom by Sam and the Womp and of course, we were all invited to join in the dancing while she continued to hype us up and encourage us to throw our hands in the air and just let loose.

Norita Omar

This performance aimed to motivate everyone to move freely with no restrictions, have fun with no worries and just be happy. She ended the performance by reminding everyone “in life where we are so busy fulfilling our routine and commitments for personal and family life; but once in awhile we need to just be free, dance, be crazy because life is too short so don’t worry, be happy”

Bass Tadros

Then came up Bass Tadros of For Life Coaching. Bass had a beautiful energy and offered a very special tool to be present; our children. He said that our babies and toddlers only know how to be present; they don’t worry about the past or future – they just are. A new born babys’ breath in instinctual – and watching a baby breathe can be a wonderful way to find presence. Bass touched on a few areas such as his hypnotherapy services, as well as addiction and the research around addiction being heavily linked to a lack of connection. Bass made a very valid comment about the fact that we are addicted to our thoughts and sometimes we can’t switch off and nor do we want to. However, switching off from our racing thoughts is totally necessary for optimal wellbeing.

Finally we heard from a pop up guest speaker, Martin Ball from Sexy Water who shared his  personal journey with mental health and working FIFO. He was a client of Bass’s and encouraged everyone in the room to tell men (in particular) to speak up about their life struggles.

The day wrapped up with a HUGE amount of generous and brilliant prizes and giveaways from the exhibitors and prize sponsors. I can’t wait to use my Natalie Nain’s Reiki Voucher.

Just when I thought it was all over we had a surprise Belly Dancing session which incorporated both feminine (flowy and gentle) and masculine (power and sharp) movements. Carolyn Verhoef found that belly dancing restored her power and presence and in turn confidence in herself.

Strive and Thrive

Norita and her lovely partner, Shaun Nunn are doing wonderful work in the personal development space and connecting people to show them there is a way to strive and thrive despite adversity.

For more events and programs, like their Facebook page and also sign up to the newsletter to receive free tips and keep up to date with future gatherings including a free motivational movie day, free workshops and also stay tuned to Norita’s upcoming free webinars on ‘My Healing Secrets on Life after Trauma’ and ‘My Journey to Self Love’ which has been anticipated by her followers nationwide in Singapore, US and the UK.

This review was done by Food Prep Sundays, a Health Blog for Busy Foodies

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