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A life without learning to be the best that you can be is a life wasted – Norita Omar

Are you feeling unhappy, unmotivated or uninspired by your life or job? Or perhaps you are ready for your next personal or professional challenge, but struggling to put in place the steps to get you there? Do you need someone to help you make your big dreams happen?

“Strive and Thrive’ is not just the name of my brand but the story of my life. I have overcome some major traumas in my life which include sexual assault, a traumatic brain injury which led to depression, severe anxiety and suicidal tendencies and surviving an earthquake. It was my ability to strive through adversity that allows me to thrive now”. – Norita Omar

After a series of challenges which finally culminated to her falling off a stage that led to a brain injury, Norita began a long arduous road to recovery. During this period, whilst struggling to understand her body’s new limitations, physical and mental challenges, and emotional breakdowns, she realised that her life was beginning to change for the better.

However, this positive change came about only after she started working on herself. Soon, she came across a video on the movie ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. That movie propelled her to became a student of personal development and she devoted all her time to bettering her mindset, emotions, health and thinking. She proved her doctors wrong with her quick recovery and beliefs that resilience was the cornerstone of her journey. She claims RESILIENCE to be her favourite word.

Norita loves sharing what she has learnt (and continuing to learn) to be positive, happy and resilient through her webinars, workshops and soon, online courses.

These are some of the topics she covers in her webinars and workshops,

  • Developing Personal Resilience
  • 5 Self-Healing Steps
  • 7 Healing Secrets on Life after Trauma
  • How to Bounce UP when SH_T Happens
  • How to Create a Digital Vision Board
  • Love what you Do, Do what you Love
  • Finding your WHY

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Let them do the talking

One of my greatest blessings was crossing paths with Nori. Her heart of gold has brought so much light not only into my life, but also to others around her. She has a unique, heart-warming and gentle way of pulling people out of what seemed to be eternal darkness and helping them discover the light at the end of every tunnel. It is not just her life experience that makes her the best mentor, but it is her genuine compassion and generous heart that truly touches deep down to your core. I’ve could not have picked a better mentor/role model in my life. Sheryl Tang

Event Planner, Ecstatique Events

There is a saying, “People don’t remember what you did or said to them, but they will remember how you made them feel”. However, with Norita, it was a combination of all of the above.

It wasn’t just how she made me feel, by just listening to me, and suggesting ideas, it was what she said, that started a chain of events, that took me through some transformational stages, making me a better person that I am now. While it took me a while to link what had happened to me to these particular sayings, I’m so glad for these to take place. I’ve learned not to rush things, and that everything happens for a reason at the right time and place.

I’m full of gratitude to have met Norita and spending time with her, now also participating in the events she organizes. Being around like-minded and positive people certainly, helps. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Norita to anyone who goes through challenging time(s), looking for a change, or seeking for positive people and joining a great tribe.

With love and gratitude, always,

Simon Shpirt

Photographer and Social Worker

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for you Norita. Forever grateful for all the motivation and help you have given me to believe in myself and never give up no matter what the odds are. You are seriously a blessing! Song Sujin

Restaurant Manager

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