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Self-care has all sorts of forms. We can practice self-care when we’re working out, having a massage, journalling, reading books, eating healthy, and doing our skin care routine. 

A skin care routine is not only something you can do to make your physical appearance look beautiful. That is the main goal for most people and there is nothing wrong with it, others see skin care as a form of self-care too. 

Maintaining a skin care routine is a way of saying thanks and taking care of your body. You take care of it so that it becomes healthier and lets you do more activities. Maintaining its healthy state by keeping a skin care routine is like you saying you’re grateful for all the things your body and skin does for you. Your skin serves as a barrier from harmful things so it should be right that you take care of it how it takes care of you.

Everyone wants to be taken care of, right? That includes your skin too.

When you think about it, skin care is sort of like a meditation practice. You stand alone in front of the mirror for 10 or so minutes. You can even open a meditation app and listen to calming music while you do it. 

They say that the type of morning you have will reflect your entire day. Well nothing says that you will have a great day ahead of you like taking care of your skin in the morning.

If you need some inspiration on how to create a morning skin care routine I’m sharing mine as an example:

Every morning after showering I spend about three minutes applying cleansing milk, toner and moisturiser on my face. Then, I express my gratitude and affirmations while looking at my mirror and end with a grounding exercise. All of it takes no more than five minutes.

Throughout the day if I get overwhelmed from working, I take walks to clear my head. Remember when I say self-care has all sorts of form? Walking is one of it. 

To wrap my day up, in the evening, after my shower I spend about 3 minutes applying cleansing milk, toner and serum on my face. I then express my thank yous for the day. If walking is my self-care practice throughout the day, then doing my skin care routine is for the night.

Last April when I was in Delhi, India for the WEFINDIA, I was blessed to receive a box of variety mini products of BioAyurveda. They range from Anti-ageing Sun Protective Face Crème with SPF 30, Miracle Moisture Toning Face Crème, Rose Calamine Sun Protection Face Crème with SPF 60, Youth Restore Face Crème, Pure Butter Body Crème, Cellular Restorative Balancing Night Face Crème, Age Perfect Polishing Face Scrub Crème, Deep Detox Body Scrub Crème, Vitamin Verve Vitalising Shampoo, Argan Shea Body Lotion, and Mood Miracle Rebalancing Essential Body Wash.


I love these mini sizes as I can take them away with me for my recent trip to Michigan, USA for the Broken Vessels filming. My favourites are:

1. Age Perfect Polishing Face Scrub Crème

It includes ingredients like organic herbs, essential and natural oils that refreshes and exfoliates the skin by unclogging pores and clears blackheads. I really love the smell of it, there is something about Indian herbs they smell so divine.

2. Anti-ageing Sun Protective Face Crème with SPF 30

Even if it is winter here in Western Australia but on some days, we still get the sun out, I still make it a habit to apply this anti-ageing sun protective face crème with SPF 30. I use this cream to protect myself from sunburn and harmful UV rays. I just apply a tiny amount of it on my face and I’m good to go!

3. Pure Butter Body Crème

I apply a dollop of this body cream and gently massage it onto my skin to help with lasting vitality and elasticity. The cream just gently glides on my skin so its consistency and smell relaxes me. It also helps with fading scars and stretch marks. Some of the ingredients are grapeseed, shea butter and lavender oil so I have no doubt that it truly does what it claims.

I’m keen to try their supplements and superfoods as they have a good variety for stress and brain health which I normally would need on a regular basis. I’ve been using a particular brand for over two years now and wouldn’t mind trying out some new ones I will keep you updated if I get the opportunity.

If you want to take a look at their products, check their website and Instagram account. They list all their ingredients so it’s so informative. 

Do you consider skin care as a self-care routine? Why or why not? Let’s start this conversation or message me via our socials to get the discussion going!

Wanna know what it takes to care for myself? It’s RESILIENCE!

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