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A few months ago, I was looking selectively for a naturopath whose services and practice is aligned to Strive and Thrive. And I was happy when I got connected to Amanda and Owen from Prana Thrive.

At my most recent event, I had the opportunity to speak with and feature Amanda and Owen, of Prana Thrive.  These two radiate vitality, and have helped countless clients and patients over the last 15 years to become healthier in their bodies and their minds, and have helped to bridge the gap between traditional Naturopathic therapies and modern individual genomic testing to bring the highest level of benefit possible to those looking to improve their wellness.

Having relocated to Bali with their two children, Amanda and Owen understand the gruelling and stress-filled nature of traditional employment, which was the impetus for their move from Perth, Australia.  The more relaxed pace and unpolluted environment allow them the ability to serve not just their local neighbours, but the online community as well.

Their online services are robust, and they are able to personalise a treatment plan based on your specific needs and requirements.  Since patients remain in close contact with their clinic throughout treatment, you will be able to ask questions and address concerns quickly and with clear answers.

One of the things I love most about how Amanda and Owen communicate is that they aim to educate and empower each of their patients.  They are able to explain concepts in a way that makes sense without losing the details of what’s important from a more scientific perspective.  They even have article resources on their site that can give you a base of understanding many current health topics.

Often, clients come to Prana Thrive suffering with unexplainable symptoms, such as persistent fatigue, sporadic digestive problems, mood instability, inability to lose weight, and other health challenges that Western medicine doesn’t address well.  Here, clients can be heard, and together you can find the underlying causes of these diseases to discover the best way to recover your health and wellness.

Working through issues like stress and anxiety, allergies, inflammation, metabolic dysregulation, immune disorders, allergies, and hormone imbalances can be an insurmountable challenge without knowledgeable support.  Amanda and Owen are able to help you identify the root causes of these and many other issues utilizing their combined experience in the natural health field.  They will be able to walk you through a nutrition plan that will nourish you without triggering further issues, and determine any supplements and herbs that can help your body to gently heal.

Prana Thrive

Many people haven’t had the experience of working with a healthcare professional in an online setting.  It can actually be more personal and more helpful than an office visit, since you can be more comfortable in your own home than in a clinic.  Some people even take their lunch breaks for their check-ins.  Appointments are held over Skype or telephone, and consultations are generally longer than with a medical doctor, since they take a look at your health history, family health, current concerns, and your goals.

Prana Thrive, while focusing on allowing the body to heal and preventing future disease through nutritious food plans, lifestyle modifications, and targeted supplementation, also utilizes cutting edge resources for testing and diagnostics.

Their gut microbiome test will show you the makeup of all the friendly critters in your intestines, as well as the ones that shouldn’t be there.  Since the gut is such an important key in overall health, and the bacteria living in our gut outnumber our own human cells, it makes sense to keep a close eye on this piece of our health puzzle.  This specific type of testing can help to find the cause of digestive concerns such as bloating, cramping, and IBS, and can also identify gut-based triggers for allergies, weight gain, fatigue, skin problems, and mood disorders.

Your gut is your second brain, so it will help immensely to know the best foods for your personal microbiome to keep your probiotic bacteria in balance and helping to improve your health, instead of contributing to further health issues down the road.  Even those with no obvious symptoms can benefit from this test, since you can avoid problems before they start.

Even more revealing is the genomic testing.  This may be the easiest diagnostic you ever take, since all you have to do is fill a little vial with saliva.  This test can reveal a wealth of information about your individual health needs, and can explain quite a few persistent mystery symptoms, even when you’re following all the traditional advice.

Genomic testing can show you your best method of weight management, caffeine metabolism, methylation irregularities, best forms of certain vitamins to take, how well you detoxify, undiagnosed allergies, stress responses, levels of oxidative stress and inflammation, lipid metabolism, and so much more.  This vast body of information is one of the best current ways of targeting a nutrition and treatment plan, because there are simply so many questions answered by looking at a person’s genetic potential.  While genetics aren’t the final answer in health and wellness, this information can be a backbone to plan a strategy for the longest and most healthful life possible.

Rounding out Prana Thrive’s tools for healing, they’ve created an online store that carries only the highest quality tools and supplements to benefit your health.  Choosing high quality products can be challenging, since reviews can be unreliable and it’s hard to find the source of the supplements you’re choosing.  Amanda and Owen have personally researched each of the products they carry, so you can save a great deal of time in choosing products to trust.

Truly embodying the essence of “Vital Life Force,” which is the Sanskrit inspiration for their name, Prana Thrive aims to help you live a more robust, vibrant life full of energy and joy, where you can celebrate each new day in a body that is healthy, strong, and flexible.  They have a wealth of knowledge and a passion to bring better health to the world through the best natural therapies available.  It’s so easy to feel comfortable with them, their genuine and friendly nature shine through in every conversation we’ve shared.

If you are seeking some advice for your natural health, I highly recommend you check them out and even better, request for an online meeting where you can discuss from the comfort of your own home.

Wanna know how healthy your gut is? Click HERE to find out or check their Facebook out.

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