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Are you looking for a fun, engaging and entertaining speaker for your next event?

Speaking Engagements

Looking for a motivational and inspirational speaker for your event? Whether you are organising a corporate event, educational workshop or community engagement, Norita is guaranteed to engage your audience with her remarkable life story after multiple traumas, her quirky ways, big personality, and raw authenticity.

Drawing from inspirational personal stories of overcoming traumas like sexual assault, recovering from a brain injury and surviving an earthquake Norita impacts any crowd with her powerful messages that is injected with humour and wit. She finds the balance of delivering motivation and hard truths in a palatable, fun and playful way so that audience feel inspired and uplifted.

As an international inspirational speaker, Norita works closely with organisations to understand their needs and the profile of the audience, ensuring that she adds value to each presentation. One of her biggest strength as a speaker is to bring lightness and fun into serious topics which most find hard to talk about.

Norita says, “It took me a lot of struggles and courage after repeated traumas, to finally build a life and business that I love. I now want to inspire others to never give up because life’s challenges and crossroads will always be there. We can choose at every moment to be beaten or be empowered. And I want to say, brace yourself, embrace empowerment”.

She always ends her presentation with a very energising activity that people love and has been claimed in many testimonials as a highlight at events.

Topics I can present on include:

Personal Development

  • Be You, Do You
  • How to Thrive in Life
  • Rebuilding Life After an Injury
  • My Brain Injury is a Gift and not a Curse
  • Loving My Imperfect Self, Perfectly
  • How to Bounce UP when SHI-T Happens!
  • Cultivating mental health awareness in our society
  • Why, What and How to Develop Personal Resilience?
  • Overcoming challenges and the power in the way we think


  • The key to workplace resilience
  • How to sell out your launch event
  • Event integrated marketing
  • How to build confidence in your business
  • Love what you do, Do what you love
  • Creating a business from strive to thrive
  • Steps to create buzz for your event using social media

If you would like to book me for a speaking event, please get in touch.

Let them do the talking…

Norita is an excellent, inspirational speaker. She presented at several of our staff wellness lunches and the audience was truly captivated by her honesty. Her skill in sharing from her heart about how she has been able to rebuild her life following adversity, combined with her sassy style and personality ensure that her messages come across in a fun yet powerful way. Norita recommends practical strategies that staff can do to increase their own resilience, which means her presentations can definitely be life changing. Looking forward to hear Norita speak again at ECU.”
Fiona Peters

HR Policy Advisor (Wellness and Benefits), Edith Cowan University

‘Norita brought a very special energy to Uber’s International Women’s Day event in Perth. Our female driver-partners were laughing, crying, and even dancing during her presentation. Thank you, Norita!’
Here’s a quote from one of the day’s attendees as well:
“It was a great day, nice venue and good to see how many women are joining the Uber Driver team. I loved Nori from Strive and Thrive. A truly inspirational woman. The whole event really made my day.”
Margarita Peker

Senior Regional Operations Manager, UBER Australia

Norita presented a Resilience seminar to Women In Energy participants in October 2017 and was one of the highlights of our organisation’s busy events programme. Norita’s storytelling and energetic presentation entertainingly conveyed common pitfalls and ways to build and protect your personal and professional resilience to a captivated audience. The best bit was: everyone left with a smile on their face. Thank you, Nori!

Lisa Sharp

Women in Energy Perth

Norita has a talent for recognising and zeroing in on who her audience is and can successfully cater and personalise her talks to any topic when addressing them. Her main focus is on positive thinking and good mental health but as this comes in many forms her talks are informative and motivating as she tweaks them to engage her audiences in any situation.

Norita drew from my passion about doing what I love as a Hair and Makeup Artist and supporting my fellow artists and so produced a fantastic talk Do What You Love, Love What You Do for my audience of Hair and Makeup Artists and Hair and Makeup Enthusiasts on July 29 at the Perth Town Hall. She had them all up and involved in her wonderful Bom Bom dance as she calls it and it got the audience moving and having a great time with her. You could hear the wooden floor bouncing with their enthusiasm!

I would be more than happy to put Norita forward as a successful and heart felt Motivational Speaker at any event for small or large events. Norita comes from the heart as good mental health is her passion and lifes work. I wish her continued success in her endeavours to make the world happy.

Shelley Meyer

Creator and Director, Perth Hair and Make Up Awards

Dear Norita,

I listened to all the stories from all speakers but your story is the one that touched me the most, some of the feelings you had in your darkest moments of your life are the same feeling I had just over three years ago. I struggle to hide my tears while listening to you. I couldn’t stop thinking of what I went thru in my life and how alone I felt on those days, calling my Mum and Dad for moral support was not enough. I needed someone to “hug” and to tell me “everything is going to be OK I’m here to help you”.

All I’m trying to say Norita is “Thank you for making me understand that it is ok to speak out, thank you for giving me the need to tell my story, to let it all out, to liberate myself from this huge weight that I’ve been carry for so long.


“A great event that was very inspiring. Loved hearing Norita’s story and struggle with depression and anxiety – I could relate to her story a lot. She brought such an uplifting and fun energy to a subject that is often difficult for others to talk about. Great to see people making a difference in the community through sharing their own struggles – keep up the good work! Xx!” 


“Having a family who fights a lot and my own personal dramas made me realised I need to find new direction. I saw Strive and Thrive’s launch event ad on Facebook and something tells me I should go. And I am glad I did. All this time I thought my life was crap but after hearing Norita’s story, I feel sorry and guilty that I thought my life was crap! The event was truly inspiring and though I do not know anyone there but I feel ‘home’. I wasn’t brave enough to talk to you Norita but I think you are so amazing to have come up so positively after what you have been through. You made me realised that only I can make a choice to change and I will change because I want to be happy. So Thank you and I will hug you next time I see you at your next event.”

Anonymous J

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