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Last month with Mercury in retrograde and the spring equinox energies helping us declutter our inner world, you’re likely feeling like a balloon about to pop from too much pressure. You’re not alone. In fact the last two months, I had gone through back to back emotional turmoil which at times I feel like each time I try to get up, the volcano erupted onto my face again. But the resilient me, keep getting up again and again, thanks to my therapy, energy healing and also constant daily coaching myself that I am stronger than whatever or whoever that was trying to pull me down.

Anyway, to bring some light-hearted energy into your world and to celebrate the Game of Thrones season release this month, let’s dive into the victim to victor archetype.

So let’s face it, we ALL have challenges. Shit happens and when it does we have two responses, to play the victim or become the victor. In the popular TV series, Game of Thrones, Daenerys (AKA Mother of Dragons, Dany) is an insightful example of the victim to victor story. Born to royal blood, her father dies during a successful raid to overthrow him as king. Her mom dies shortly after childbirth, leaving her an orphan and in exile. Dany’s abusive brother sells her off in exchange for an army of 40,000 men to win back the throne. She is raped, falls in love with her husband, he dies, she loses her baby, and most of the army leaves her. There’s a lot more drama, but you get the point: shit happens.

At this part in the story, the future Mother of Dragons identifies closely with the victim role. The experiences leave her feeling meek, stuck, and helpless. You too might be in a season of victimhood. Perhaps, challenges are coming and there are no solutions in sight. The doubt has made a home in your heart and you feel like there are no more moves. Well hold tight, because you’re about to become the victor; your success is on its way. Here’s what happened to Dany…

After wallowing in self-pity, she makes a move and trusts her gut. She steps into a burning fire with three dragon eggs. The next morning, she emerges from the flames with baby dragons, which haven’t been seen in a century and a half. The remaining loyal men vow to help her reclaim the throne. The Mother of Dragons continues to face challenges. However, with her newfound spirit of a victor, the battles leave her unburnt.

When we operate from victimhood, we are burnt by life. We let obstacles get us down and forget how powerful we truly are. When we choose to see ourselves the victor, challenges may arise but they don’t have the same damaging effect on us. The experiences become just experiences, not tragic stories we tell as excuses to remain small and helpless. Each challenge you meet with a victor spirit tells you a new story actually. The story of your power; how you used that situation to strengthen your resolve and uplift others.

If you’re feeling like a victim, my advice is to make a move and trust your gut. As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Step into your fire and have the faith that the challenges are meant to strengthen you. It’s a mixture of faith and effort that will allow you to rise from the flames. You’re not a victim, you’re a victor!

Have you gone through similar situations and how did you overcome yours? Let’s start this conversation or message me via our socials as I am looking for stories of resilient individuals who overcome their challenges!

Wanna know what’s my super power? It is RESILIENCE!

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