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Strong And Resilient: How A Woman Can Move From Nothing To Everything

Last year at a weekend workshop I had the pleasure of meeting Robyn Hoffmann, the founder of The Power of Women whose message was similar to mine. What attracted to me was her message about ‘Change without Choice’ which is about her work with women who had gone through some kind of change without choice. This really resonates with me as I know how challenging it was for me in 2006 when I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury after a fall off stage and how my world suddenly changed without my choice. Therefore with pleasure, I invited Robyn Hoffman to be part of our last event which I was thrilled when she came onboard as one of our featured exhibitor.

A woman’s world is no doubt a complex world, full of exciting moments, challenging moments and times when you feel the world should step aside and go silent. A woman’s world is mostly defined by the love she has in her heart and shares with her friends, job, and most importantly her family. All these come with different challenges. The challenges will definitely create some changes in one way or the other. Change could turn out to be negative if not well managed, and positive if well managed. Since change is the only constant thing in life- it will definitely come, then it is also important to be aware of the best ways of turning such changes into opportunities.

A woman is special and possesses a tremendous amount of amazing qualities. However, most women do not acknowledge the tremendous store house of energy within them, firstly because of ignorance, secondly due to the society which is filled with stereotypes. Some of which women can’t drive, women are not productive at work, women talk a lot of nonsense and the most common – women are weak. All of these external stigmas impede women from truly believing in themselves, finding their purpose and striving hard to make a mark in life. The frank truth is, being a woman is absolutely beyond doing house chores, getting married, bearing children. It is most importantly all about finding purpose and being confident enough to fulfill it.

Change, we all know is the only constant thing in life. Change is all around us; it may require some changes and ultimately never leave us the same way. For some people, moving up in the career pursuit though may be exciting, but it opens other doors of other changes in a woman’s life. How does it feel when the doctor informs you of your pregnancy? Joy and unlimited excitement. After some months, the body changes and the feeling of ugliness and fatness creep in. At this stage of a woman’s life, there is nothing as valuable of as affirmation and support from her husband/partner, family and the society at large. She wants to hear positive words that can help her pull through her period of “change.” Most times, such kind of support may not come, and if they do, it may not be in the right proportion as expected.

Feeling lost is something many people experience today. Many people feel as though there may be something missing as if there isn’t much reason to wake up in the morning; purpose helps to find the missing meaning, the true inner beauty and the energy to face life with confidence. One of the keys was women can find change meaningful, is by trying hard to find inner strength and purpose.

The Power of Women

Robyn Hoffmann, the owner of The Power Of Women, has over the years been helping hundreds of women rediscover themselves, by helping them get in touch with their soul, putting a silence to the troubles around. Using her experience she has helped hundreds of women to find meaning for their lives as they pass through changes without knowing. Through her various workshops and retreats where participants pull away into a quiet and natural environment where they can stay calm and listen to themselves to find strength, meaning, and purpose.

Going through Changes Without Knowing

Change happens, some we chose, some we do not. When change happens, it could be very challenging, especially when it was never chosen. Most women face series of changes without choosing it or even knowing. During trying times, most women resort to self-help, seclusion or develop unhealthy habits which can compound the problem. The importance of experts, such as Robyn Hoffmann can never be under-estimated. Robyn Hoffmann helps women find true meaning and purpose for their lives using various strategies. She engages people on-one-one counseling and coaching. She understands the power of solitude or drawing back from the life’s unending drama by organizes retreats and workshops where participants can learn to transform their challenges to victories, connect with the inner-mind, and step out of the comfort zone as an empowered woman who takes control of her destiny.

Be In Charge

One of the things a woman has to contend with all her life is subjection to control. This is how the society defines it. Control by the male folk, the children, sometimes workplace and the society. Being subject to control shouldn’t be bad news, but it has been too well abused. A woman needs to be the pilot of her own life and destiny; after all, no one can lead a successful life being without being in control. Most women lose their original vibe in the “school of control,” they become so used to this that they live without ever trying to dig deeper within themselves. Successful women understand how to balance the control game; they know the right amount to hand over and the one to retain. They do not allow their happiness, self-confidence, and well-being to be controlled by other people’s opinion. Having this kind of control creates a healthy balance, it helps the woman to take charge of her own life, to find her purpose and meaning and stay true to herself trying to fulfill it.

Who Holds The Wheel

Everyone deserves to be successful; every woman deserves to be successful. If this is true, every woman needs to have a good level of life-control. When this is not available, the true meaning of life will be very difficult to find.  Experts such as Robyn Hoffmann, who is a change expert use their skill and experience to help a lot of women find the missing link, which is always in them.


Self-awareness comes from self-discovery. This is almost as important as self-fulfillment.  It is practically impossible to be successful without living one’s true life and bringing out personal uniqueness.

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Change Without Choice Retreat

Happiness is an inside job, don’t allow assign anyone else that much power over your life. – Anonymous.                            

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