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Uncertainty is the only thing that is certain in life. What is life? It’s evolution, growth and change. It can all be very exhilarating but at the same time it can feel painful and taxing. With change, we find uncertainty in our life. There are a lot of events that we have no control over in our life. Will you be able to let go of control? You would have to step back and learn to embrace uncertainty by praising the wonder of our world in order to do so.

Embracing uncertainty isn’t easy. You need to be at a very high level of spiritual growth to do so. We have had moments in our life with great clarity, where we think everything is happening as it is supposed to happen. That’s what it feels like when you embrace uncertainty.

You would have to understand the world and your importance and place in it to understand and embrace the unknown. Look how things are connected to each other. See yourself as a part of the whole world, connected and you will find joy in the feeling of change.

In love, you look for a safe place where you find comfort and security. Safety doesn’t always go well with change and that’s usually where things go wrong. To keep that in check, you must take a step back and have a glance at your relationship from a wider angle. Love requires perspective. There are times when you will get too confused in the details that the big picture will slip away and you wouldn’t know.

Uncertainty in love means that there will be many obstacles where love will get tossed out of your boat. How to tackle that? With each other. You are each other’s power and strength. The closer you are, the happier you will be. Uncertainty is like a fertilizer and love is like a flower. Not knowing anything keeps things exciting and fresh. If you are together, you can make potholes and rocks in the road of your journey look like an exciting adventure.

Where does uncertainty come from? Why do we fear it? It’s all from influence. If you were never influenced by anything in your life, you would never feel or know uncertainty. Your life has been influenced by other people, events, circumstances, tragedies and a rollercoaster of emotions have forged your character. If you use all of this knowledge to maintain your perspective, you’ll be worried about nothing.

What’s the best way of embracing uncertainty physically? Laughter. Laughing can help you relax. Cut down your problems and burdens. You don’t need anything funny to laugh at. It’s your mind with the sense of humor, not your body. Even if you fake laugh, your body fill feel all of the sensations of laughter. Laughing makes you breathe deeply, making you use all of your lungs. It moves and relaxes your muscles. If you want to embrace uncertainty, laugh.

To embrace uncertainty is the most difficult thing. To embrace uncertainty, is a goal for the enlightened.

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