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We all know that goals are important to achieve success in our lives. It is the driving force that makes us get up each day and do the work. However, most of us just go through life aimlessly everyday without a clear direction. In fact, a Harvard study suggests that 83% of the US population do not have goals. That’s pretty disappointing, right? Here are seven things that tell us why it is important to have goals:

1. Goals give you some control over the future

Nothing is certain in our lives. But we would still like to get some control over our future, right? Well setting down goals can help you with that. Set goals and make sure you actually do the work so that your future self can thank you for all the hard work you’ve done. The result might not be certain in the future but at least you’ve planted the seeds to create the future that you want.

2. Setting goals is the first step into making the impossible, possible

You may think that your goals are too grand that you can’t achieve it. Nothing is impossible enough if you give your mindset and your best efforts into achieving it. You can always break down your goals into manageable tasks so you can make the impossible, possible.

3. Written goals help us keep accountable

How many times have you tried to remember something to do but forgot all about it? Sometimes, we set goals but only in our minds. We don’t write it down in a notebook or a journal and as we go through each day, we just forget those goals.

Write them down on a notebook because people who write down their goals are 50% more likely to achieve than people who do not have goals. That notebook will be your action plan for your goals. You can write down each action plan for your goal so it won’t overwhelm you too much. For example, if your goal is to save $100 after a month, you can try saving up $25 each week. The goal is to reach $100 and the action plan is to save $25.

Like a friend, written goals can keep us accountable and help us strive towards achieving them. It is such a satisfying feeling to tick off the goals you have already achieved in your notebook.

4. Goals help you build better habits

Like athletes our bodies and minds get used to the rhythm of the work that is involved when achieving our goals. When working through your goals, you go through Point A to Point B to Point C and so on. It isn’t a sure straight path but the good thing is you get to build better habits by going through those different points. 

In my first 2 years of business, I did burn out at the end of both years and that was when I re-evaluated my business and lifestyle goals. I realised I truly love what I do but not at the expense of my health. That was when I knew something had to change. To pursue this dream, I will be required to perform efficiently as this business takes a lot out of me physically, mentally and emotionally. And that was when I had to incorporate my self care plan into my daily time management. To do that, I had to pick my priorities and that includes saying no to activities which doesn’t serve or align with my new lifestyle and business goals. It took me many months to adjust to making time for my meal prep, gym, meditation etc. And till today I still fall off the wagon sometimes because my business schedule can be irregular at times plus this year I’m travelling more. However when I do fell off the wagon, I remind myself not to be hard on myself but just keep getting back on the horse again. The main thing I have noticed is that, these new healthy habits has reduced my anxiety, chronic pains and migraines; and that has made me enjoy working on my business more.

5. You become someone better along the process of achieving your goals

Another benefit of goal setting aside from achieving your goals, is that you become a better person through the habits you built and the perseverance you went through. You become stronger and you know that whatever challenges arise, you are going to get over it.

6. Goals give you a sense of satisfaction

A goal achieved can give us a sense of satisfaction and joy. It also gives us the confidence boost to set new goals and improves our self esteem.

7. Goals give you purpose and direction

Gretchen Rubin said in her book, The Happiness Project, “The days are long, but the years are short.” You may find each day long and dreadful that you end up just existing and doing the same things everyday. The years are short and before you know it you just wasted your life away. Goals give you a purpose in life to get to the direction that you want to be. As Oscar Wilde said, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” So don’t merely exist. Live.

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Are you currently working on a specific goal? And do you have any other strategies or tips which you can share? Let’s start this conversation or message me via our socials as I am looking for inspiring stories of people working on their goals so we can collectively inspire and empower others.

Wanna know my super power in sticking to my goals? It is RESILIENCE!

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