Why you need to go on retreats

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming about being in a beautiful place where you can hear your soul again? Are you fantasizing about some site where you can enjoy, meditate and connect with your genuine nature? If the answer is yes, then the retreat is the best way to fulfil your wish and start moving in the right direction in your life.


Key benefits of attending a retreat listed below will surely help you decide to go on a life-changing journey.

Connecting with nature

Aren`t you tired of hearing that same word over and over again: stress?! It seems as if stress began dominating our lives in all levels. We are always in a rush forgetting about the true meaning of life. So, what can get us back on the track? Nature, of course; that self-sufficient and self-sustaining miracle we belong to.

Scientists say that nature is a “fuel for the soul,” and that people feel more alive when being in it. Being in the fresh air outdoors in touch with nature stimulates and revitalizes body and soul. Nature is a true healer.

Practising meditation

If you are like millions of other people, then you promise yourself every other day that you will start meditating tomorrow. But you hardly ever do it because there are so many “more important” things to do instead, isn`t it?

Learn with the expert assistance how to meditate properly participating in the retreat! Reach the right state of meditation – a state of mind, body, and spirit in which you are relaxed, focused, aware and connected with your real essence.

Change the routine

Doing the same thing every day eventually blocks your creativity which is the key to quality and fulfilling life. Routine prevents you from feeling inspired because you do not experience anything new. Routine is squeezing your life energy.

Instead, challenge your current thinking by altering something in your life. Change the environment, meet like-minded people and turn your life in a favourable direction!

Look at yourself

What would happen if you remain with your feelings instead of using distractors like internet, television or hard work? Maybe you will become aware of nervousness, fear, and perhaps emotional numbness and emptiness. Be with yourself, really feel the present moment to be in touch with the feelings you repress.

There are frequent tips on how to be present in the moment, but they are not nearly so easy to apply. Go to retreat and allow your being to purge. Look at yourself to find what you really want from life.

Absolute relaxation

Modern people are not even aware of how much their muscles are tense and thoughts occupied with various more or less trivial problems. Psychologists recognize that 90% of both organic and mental diseases are caused by the pressure of everyday life. Allow you to relax and feel divine peace by a retreat.

Indulge yourself and spend some time in comfortable accommodations surrounded by beautiful nature. Life should not be only work and commitments. You need to restore your faith in the beauty of life and heal yourself.

Bali Retreat 2017

If your soul has been screaming out for you to attend a retreat, then I highly recommend you to have a look at this 5 Day Soul Journey Bali Retreat in May where you will be immersed in deep healing of sound and art therapy, guided meditation, divine mothers channelled energies, connection with nature, loving awareness and multidimensional pattern release on the southern slopes of Bali mountain eco resort called the Bali Eco Stay. This Soul Journey Retreat will be facilitated by my wonderful friend, Cushla Lovejoy who is a heart based spiritual practitioner and her friends. This sacred and spiritual retreat will be open to both men and women, and you will return home not only with more awareness about your life purpose but you will also be given practical tools to implement and live your purpose more consciously.

For more details or to book your space, please contact Cushla Lovejoy via http://bit.ly/2kZAo9P

P.S. Know someone who would need to take themselves on a retreat? Be a friend and share it with them and help spread more self-love in the world.

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