Why people give up on their dreams? 

Most often due to fear, failure, disasters such as divorce or illness and voices of authority. A “NO” from a parent, spouse a friend or maybe your own voice!

What are your reasons for giving up your dreams?

She had a complicated childhood, divorced, lived on welfare with her daughter, suffered severe depression, then she wrote a book that was turned down by 12 publishers, only one took a chance on her. The book stayed irrelevant for two years. Were those enough reasons to give up on her dream? ….yet

Most people do share the same desires, to be cherished, to have a chance to go after their dreams however humble those dreams maybe, but then a wall knock us down and most often this wall is invisible!

Nobody likes to hear the harsh truth, yes you might be scared, yes you might fail, who cares? Nobody will ever care about your dream as much as you do. So what is stopping you?

Usually Three walls, yourself, the naysayers and failure.

Control the Voices within

The only thing between you and your dream is you. Whenever you decide to follow a dream, you are just as likely to come up with reasons that you will fail, voices within say (you are not a kid anymore, you’re fat, you are not worthy enough).

You will be tempted to walk away from commitments, that’s the evolutionary wiring, in fact, most cases that’s the natural state, to give up on your dream and go survival mode, sell your own happiness short and run away from the beast within you.

First deal with yourself, no amount of planning, goal settings, and motivation can lead to your dream unless you start within. Break those voices with counter voices, “Ambitious words are a place where dreams begin” Howard Schultz

Realize what’s going on inside your head because no one else can, embrace doubt and fears, turn it into excitement and check yourself every single day.

Crush the dream crushers

Don’t allow dream stealers and passion crushers to take away your baby, their job is to pull you down to their miserable level or give you permission to quit. What’s worst, they want you to work for their dream. Think about it, most of our jobs are about fulfilling the dreams of someone else.

Again its all about fighting the current, facing the resistance with words like “watch me “ or “ my dream is not for sale.”

It’s ok to fail

Yet….After 2 years of resistance, her First Harry Potter book made it to the best sellers chart  now she is one of the most successful writers of all times “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.” JK Rowling

If you fail, your dream will not die, and you will not be floating without purpose again. Think of failure as a detour, a yield sign or a wake-up call to recharge, reorganize and get back on track. Your dream might take time but don’t worry, big dreams have no expiration date.

Fail hard and fail forward. Dust yourself off and move on.

What else might be at the heart of the problem? It depends on your path, but unless first, you break through that 3 obstacles, any problems will come along the way are just part of the learning process.

Whatever your dream is, keep going no matter what! Because there is no such thing as failure. You will only fail if you give up! So do not give up and keep going!  

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